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Beyonce Yoga

beyonce-7-11Time: 1 hour
Areas worked: Legs
Equipment needed: None

For ages I’ve been wanting to try out Beyonce dance classes- they have them in Melbourne! But due to my pain issues I’ve been putting it off as I was scared it would make my symptoms worse, so I decided to ease my way in by trying Bey Yoga, which is run by the same people. Bey Yoga is a yoga class conducted to Beyonce’s more chilled out songs and includes some Beyonce choreography such as low wide squats. The class is good for all levels, there’s room to push yourself if you need to for example with headstands, but the majority of the moves are thankfully doable although they still feel like they’re working your body. The class was predominately yoga flow but varied in that there was some bar work involved as well. As you would expect, the instructor looked cool enough to be a Beyonce backing dancer. Although I do yoga regularly it was really good to have my form corrected. One of the Beyonce moves was a low squat with ankle raises which was really intense on my inner thighs, all my years of Tracy hadn’t prepared me for those! The room was warm (I don’t think it was heated, it was just to being a warm day) so I definitely sweated and my muscles were really shaking at points. It was definitely a really thorough workout.

Every single yoga workout (and loads of others!)


Rodney Yee’s Power Yoga Flexibility

83500193434340Time: 23 minutes
Areas worked: Legs
Equipment needed: None

The main thing about this DVD that appealed to me is that it is for increased flexibility. If you did this DVD regularly you would stand to increase your flexibility, although maybe not as much as the Advanced Yoga DVD.

I’m not really a fan of power yoga/yoga vaniyasa/flow yoga as it’s so boring and predictable, every workout feels the same! Having said that, this DVD is a welcome change to all the relaxing yoga workouts I’ve been doing recently that can’t really be called workouts as they basically involve lying on the floor in different positions of “rest”, you probably do all these positions when you’re sleeping anyway! Even though you get a lot of movement in this workout it’s still great for clearing the mind and relaxing the body. I’m feeling a lot more zen after doing it. Maybe if everyone did yoga every day we’d have world peace? Or at least people wouldn’t be as effected by stress related conditions.

I would say this was at the intermediate-advanced level. I love that this DVD is filmed in the Joshua Tree National Park, one of my favourite places! I also love that this workout isn’t too long as honestly I find it hard to motivate myself to do long workouts. The only down point is that some of the aural cues don’t match what Rodney is doing on the screen as they’re a couple of moves ahead, but this isn’t too bad.

Every single yoga workout (and lots of others)

Rodney Yee’s Yoga for Energy and Stress Relief

81IdgP83PFL._SL1500_I thought I had all the yoga DVDs that I needed (beginners, intermediate and advanced). But since I’ve been spending a lot of time trying out mindful and relaxing activities, I thought I would invest in some new Rodney Yee yoga DVDs as I’ve done my existing ones so many times. I bought Rodney Yee’s Yoga for Energy and Stress Relief precisely because I need to destress as much as possible because I suffer from chronic pain and stress relief eases the symptoms.

This DVD’s good because it has 4X 20 minute workouts and a 5 minute workout, so the duration of the workouts aren’t intimidating and you can fit it in if you’re pushed for time.

Awaken and EnergisemaxresdefaultTime: 19 minutes
Areas worked: Legs
Equipment needed: Chair

This is different to Gentle Relaxation and Restore and Rejuvenate in that most of the moves are performed standing up rather then on the floor. It’s all pretty easy and a lot of the moves are simplified versions of other yoga moves using the chair for support, you still get a really good stretch though, especially in your calves. Even though this is called Awaken and Energise the pace is still pretty chilled.

Gentle Relaxation507011368_1280x720
Time: 23 minutes
Areas worked: Legs
Equipment needed: Chair

This was the first time that I’ve done a yoga workout that involves a chair, I think the chair is there to get your into comfortable positions, but you can’t help but feel that this is more of a beginners workout because you’re doing less of a stretch then you would be if you didn’t have the chair to support you. This workout is really similar to yin yoga in that you hold each pose for about 5 minutes and you have the prop of the chair to help you. The stretches aren’t too challenging, but even if you’re used to working at an advanced level this will still relax you. A couple of poses into this workout and I was already yawning and by the end of it I felt more relaxed then I imagined I would.

Restore and Rejuvenate1280x720-eIZ
Time: 18 minutes
Areas worked: Legs
Equipment needed: Chair

This can hardly be called a workout and you’re lying on the floor for the majority of the session. There are a few of initial stretches with your back against the chair, using the chair to help your posture. You’re not going to get a lot of movement in this session but it is really relaxing and by no means intimidating.

Bonus Practice: Sooth and Stretchmaxresdefault
Time: 20 minutes
Areas worked: Legs
Equipment needed: None

I would say this was somewhere between beginner and intermediate level, the moves aren’t too easy- you can definitely push yourself more into each stretch but it’s not too hard either. The moves at the beginning seem like they’re more pilates/toning like then typical yoga movements as you’re pulsing in the poses, I think it’s nice to have some variation. You spend a good amount of time with your head upside down, which is a little bit sick inducing (!) but it’s nothing terrible. As this practice is so short the time just flies by. Although this is aimed at being relaxing, and it is, it isn’t as relaxing as Colleen’s PM yoga practices- I find her really soothing, you’ll feel yourself completely zoned out afterwards and it’s bliss!

Bonus Practice: Mountain Meditation

More details to follow

Every single yoga workout (and lots of others)

Yoga Therapy

BRAND-NEW-Foot-Massage-Ball-Best-Trigger-Point-Massage-Therapy-Ball-on-Amazon-Affordable-Self-Massage-Ball-Set-Deep-Tissue-Self-04Time: 1 hour
Areas Worked: Legs
Equipment needed: Massage balls, blocks and a strap

Yesterday I went to my first yoga therapy class. Yoga therapy is about gaining flexibility, eradicating muscle pain and correcting posture. There’s lots of self massage and stretching, very often in traditional yoga poses- this class included plenty of vinyasas. A lot of the moves are similar to ones you would do if you had a foam roller (but with massage balls instead). I liked how different the class was to most other yoga classes and that immediately afterwards I noticed improvement in my posture. I didn’t enjoy it as much as yin yoga, I think because it wasn’t a flowing yoga class and it was more like instructional massage and I didn’t seem to benefit/feel the moves as much as a lot of people in the class, probably because I’m pretty flexible, I used to regularly foam roll and I regularly get massages so my body seems quite limber already. Although having said that the following day I could feel it deep in my muscles- like a deep tissue massage, so maybe I will go again in the future as I’m sure it is doing something beneficial to my body. It was also quite relaxing as well.

Every single yoga workout (I have tried) and many other workouts

Yin Yoga

Yin-2BWTime: 1 hour
Areas worked: Legs
Equipment needed: Block, bolster

I’m feeling very zen after my first yin yoga class. As I have already completed 10 rotations of all of my yoga DVDs and there aren’t any more yoga DVDs that I want to buy I thought the best way forward would be to try different yoga types. I’ve already done numerous yoga flow (vinyasa classes) which I don’t really like as it gets so repetitive, as well as hot and warm yoga so I thought I would give yin yoga a try. The reason why I decided on yin yoga is because thanks to my chronic pain condition I can’t do yoga that requires you to move quickly and I’ve also been advised by my physiotherapist to try more mindfulness and relaxation so I thought these classes would be the best way forward.

There were only 5 poses (apart from brief resting poses) in the entire class, so it was very slow, but don’t let that fool you as it certainly wasn’t easy! Because you’re in each stretch/pose for so long your body really opens up and you can really push yourself but it definitely gets harder the longer you hold the pose. This is probably the best kind of yoga class to take if you want to become more flexible. This class reminded me of Stacey Nemour’s Secrets of Splits and Flexibility DVD as the stretches are really deep, you hold them for an extended period of time and your legs feel heavy after some of the moves because the stretch is so deep.

Mentally this is really good for unwinding. There may be some moments initially when you feel a bit fidgety and restless because the class is S-O  S-L-O-W but that soon settles down and you start to wonderfully zone out- bliss!!! Feeling very calm and serene now. I’m actually having trouble typing this as I feel so zoned out!


For the rest of the evening I had a lot more energy then usual and the following day I was SO CHILLED OUT- yes!!

Every single yoga workout (I have tried) and many other workouts

Rodney Yee’s Intermediate Yoga

Time: 57 minutes
Areas Worked: Legs
Equipment Needed: A yoga block and a yoga strap

I’ve been putting off doing this routine for a while because I knew how long it was, but I did it today for the first time in ages. The workout is divided into 3 sections- sun salutations, inverted poses then backbends and relaxation.

The sun salutations are great- a good way to get the body going and they’re a little bit challenging too as you’ll doing poses like reverse triangle pose and half moon pose.

The inverted poses are another story- you’ll be doing handstands, forearms stands and headstands- although Rodney breaks these moves down step by step they’re still pretty challenging- I felt like I was going to have a nose bleed when I was attempting the handstand! Not good! I need to toughen up. My husband managed the forearm stand but admitted that it was really hard and he felt light headed afterwards, so I can safely say it’s going to take me a while until I get there. So there is a big step up between this DVD and Rodney Yee’s beginner workouts.

The backbends and relaxation are a lot easier which involve crab moves and shoulder stands which I find easy.

The following day I felt quite achey- I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not! Maybe it’s toughening me up and challenging my body.

Tracy Anderson’s sTAcking AKA AcroYoga


For ages I’ve wanted to get into AcroYoga because…

  • I love yoga
  • I love pushing my body to doing new cool things that look impressive
  • AcroYoga has similarities to Thai massage which I love (I’ve even done a course in it)
  • It’s a much cooler coupley thing to do then the normal stuff eg taking salsa classes.


I first tried AcroYoga at a Wonderlust Festival (yoga festival) and really enjoyed it, so since then my husband and I have been trying some moves out at home. AcroYoga is much safer then it looks- despite not using a spotter and us both being inexperienced I’ve never fallen down and we haven’t injured ourselves, that being said obviously you do need to be a bit careful, don’t do it drunk! Also the moves look way more difficult and impressive than they actually are; it’s actually much easier then it looks.


For me being “the flyer” is really exhilarating because there is that fear that you’re going to fall so all your concentration is on that move, which is great because you feel really focused and it takes your mind off all the stressful/mundane stuff that you normally think about, so it probably achieves similar things to meditation. I also suspect the focused brain aspect is why Tracy is behind AcroYoga because she’s really for that mind-body connection while exercising. The fear factor also makes it all the more exciting! It’s sooo satisfying when you overcome your fear and are able to master a move, even though your head is telling you “no don’t do it you’ll fall!!”. You also feel really awake, perky and clear headed afterwards which I’m guessing may be due to the adrenalin? Another benefit is that because you’re not on the ground you’re able to get into poses and stretches that normally you wouldn’t be able to.


I asked my husband “the base” what he enjoys about AcroYoga and he said he likes that it’s something that you can do together with your partner, it involves trusting each other, there are different skills involved- for the flyer that’s balance and trust and for the base that’s providing a strong base and support. He also likes that it’s satisfying when you master a move and it’s not a long drawn out workout (I think he’s comparing it to the yoga classes that I’ve dragged him along to!) as you can do as much as you like and still feel like you’ve achieved something even if it’s just in a short space of time.


Now thankfully Tracy has gotten into AcroYoga too and has introduced sTAcking into her gyms which has provided me with loads of inspiration to keep going, I’ve included all the Tracy sTAcking pics I could find.




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My husband and I up until recently had been just trying to work out how to get into the moves ourselves but I’ve now found some really good online tutorials which I have been following so I’m working my way through the moves:

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout