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Face to Face with Eva Fraser

face_fitness1I’ve been looking forward to a new Eva Fraser DVD for so long! I’ve gotten really good results from her first DVD- Facial Fitness, but I’ve been interested in having some more material as it can get a bit repetitive doing the same workouts all the time.

This DVD has 3 workouts: basic, advanced 1 and advanced 2. Each workout has a teaching and a workout section, which is good as once you’ve mastered the move in the teaching section you can follow the workout section without having to sit through the lengthly explanations.

Even though Eva is on the front cover she doesn’t physically appear in any of the videos although you can hear her giving the instructions.

In the leaflet that comes with the DVD you’re told to follow each workout for 3-4 days a week for two weeks (although in the DVD Eva says to do each workout for 3-4 weeks…) and then move onto the next one. Once you have completed this you are then advised to complete advanced 1 and advanced 2 once a week (although in the DVD Eva says to stick to it for 4 times a week, until you feel that the muscles have gotten strong and you’re happy with the results, then you can reduce it to twice a week).

This DVD is very similar to the first DVD in that a lot of the movements are the same or very similar and each movement is performed twice.

This DVD gives clearer and more detailed instructions then Facial Fitness, as Eva really guides you through each move and talks about which muscles the move is working and as well as watching the practitioner perform the move there’s an illustration which shows you the direction of the movement and as a result you can feel that the moves are a lot more effective.

Basic workout
Time: 8 minutes
Areas worked: Face
Equipment needed: None

In the basic workout I skipped the ear massage section as I don’t want to pull on my ears too much and make them longer! This fear was instilled in me after watching an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians where Kris Jenner was talking about how long her earlobes had got and that she wanted to cut the bottoms off- ew!

Advanced 1
Time: 10 minutes
Areas worked: Face
Equipment needed: Cotton gloves, something to rest your elbows on

This workout focuses on the eyes, and cheeks and includes facial tapping. Eva says you need to do this workout for 6-8 weeks before moving on (although in the literature it says to do this just for 2 weeks).

Advanced 2
Time: minutes
Areas worked: Face
Equipment needed: Cotton gloves

I’m really impressed with these exercises, I hadn’t done the exercises for a couple of weeks, but when returning to them I could see a noticeable difference the following day- impressed! I just need to keep it up. The “One sided lift” move is pretty tricky to follow, it’s hard to try and coordinate yourself while doing it, but you do feel that you’re really isolating the muscle and surely it’s good that it’s a challenge. There’s a forehead move where I can’t work out what the hell is going on! Particularly as you have to perform it with your eyes closed. You have to raise your forehead without moving your eyebrows- how?! Some of these moves are really difficult as you can’t tell which muscles in your face you’re working and if you’re really targeting the correct area, unlike exercises for your body when it’s pretty obvious when you’re working your biceps etc.

Facial Massage Routine

061616_facemassage_leadTime: 14 minutes
Areas worked: Face
Equipment needed: Face oil

I’ve mentioned this before, but years ago when I got a massage which included facial massage I was really impressed by how plumped up and how much younger my skin looked and since then I wanted to emulate that on myself. I’ve struggled to find anywhere that does facial massages locally, apart from ones that offer a head massage and a bit of acupressure but not the same thing. Alternatively there’s the option of getting a facial but apart from the face gym in London there’s nothing that really spends enough attention massaging the skin. I’ve had a look for DVDs on facial massage but I haven’t found any so far. The closest thing to it is my Eva Fraser DVD which includes some skin tapping but the majority of the DVD is exercising the facial muscles rather then massaging. This isn’t a bad thing, but I think I need to include both into my routine. So I was really pleased when I came across Lisa Eldridge’s facial massage routine video. I love her makeup tutorials, she’s been in the biz for a long time and you can see her work on th covers of Vogue and on celebrities such as Cara Delevinge, Kate Winslet and Kim Kardashian West. She also features celebrities in her makeup tutorials such as Yasmin Le Bon, Sophie Dahl and Alexa Chung.

I really like this facial massage routine video; it’s easy to follow, introduces you to lots of different techniques and is a nice length and you don’t need to purchase any fancy oils to do it. I used Sukin’s BioNatural Skin Oil as I’m a fan of their products because they don’t test on animals and they don’t contain any nasties. Even doing this massage on yourself is pretty relaxing. I haven’t noticed any immediate physical results so far from doing it, but I’m sure it’s beneficial either way.

The Face Gym

facegym-bookI’m really into facial exercises; I have both of Eva Frasers workout DVDs and I bought a Rio 60 second facial toner, so when I saw Isamaya Ffrench (for those who don’t know she’s an awesome makeup artist who’s work you would’ve seen on Vogue, Rihanna, Kim K & numerous catwalk shows)’s instagram post of her having a facial gym workout I knew I had to get one!

Took my face to the gym today #Selfridges #facegym @luisavoia 💪🏼

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Since I had a facial massage 4 years ago on holiday, that gave me instant plumped up skin and a younger looking face I’ve been dying to get into facial massage but unfortunately I’ve been unable to find anywhere that does this or any DVDs that I can buy that can teach myself. If anyone knows of any please let me know! So it’s wonderful news that the Face Gym workout combines facial massage and electrical muscle stimulation.

The therapists are super nice, like really lovely instant best-friend nice, which is wonderful because in my experience some beauty therapists can be pretty intimidating/judgemental: “you really shouldn’t leave it so long between waxes”.

A visit to the face gym is basically an amazing combo of a facial workout and a facial facial (lots of lovely serums etc). And is pretty reasonably priced with prices starting at £40 for 30 minutes.

There are loads of different “workouts” available- don’t worry these are all passive with the therapist doing all the work, I went for a signature workout which has a bit of everything: de-puffing-ball work, reiki, massage, electrical muscle stimulation, jade rolling, derma rolling. My husband and I both got workouts at the same time (they used different products on him)- he’s a bit of a cynical misery guts sometimes so I had to bully him into it, but he ended up really enjoying the “workout” and is really happy with the results. I’m really happy with the results too; it’s amazing how different your skin can look after 30 minutes of non invasive work and almost a week later my skin tone is still noticeably improved.

Sadly there are currently only locations in London, although there will be locations in New York and Italy in the future. I really wish there were more locations now, but it’s a blessing for my finances as otherwise I would go all the time.

Rio 60 Second Face Toner Review


I’ve noticed that I seem to be developing nasal labial lines and the beginning of jowls! I think the whole of my lower face would look fantastic if it had a bit of a lift and with my wedding coming up next year I’ve been on a bit of a push to try and look as gorgeous as humanly possible (I’m taking 3 different supplements to try and improve my hair and I’ve changed my exercise routine). I’m not keen to try fillers or botox (I’m only 30) so I tried some facial exercises to tackle the problem. Firstly I did some Annelise Hagen’s face yoga exercise videos I found online and then Eva Fraser’s Facial Fitness DVD based on all the good reviews it received. Although I have seen some results in my cheeks, I haven’t noticed results anywhere else and as during the exercises I need to focus on working specific facial muscles which is something I’m not familiar with and I’m unsure if I’m even working the correct ones- it’s not as easy as working your biceps I decided to buy some sort of facial toner devise to make sure I’m targeting the correct areas and perhaps provide some more resistance.

The Rio 60 second face lift has some really good reviews and wasn’t too expensive so I decided to give it a go!

It comes with a really useful DVD which guides you through all the exercises so you’re not feeling clueless. It has 3 different settings- firming, tap toning and infusion The first time I used it I used the firming setting which works much like an ab belt- you put it on the specific area that needs exercising and it stimulates the muscle for you. You need to use some of the conductive gel on the metal prongs before you put it on the face- unfortunately the conductive gel contains 4 different types of parabens so when I run out I’ll try and find a toxin less version.

When I turned it on and I was holding it for the first time I was really aware of the electricity, I think I’m quite sensitive to things and I could especially feel it where my metal bra strap fastenings were. I’ve had this experience before- while being food tested where the therapist made me part of an electronic circuit I could feel it through the same place despite her telling me that I couldn’t!

I was really nervous at initially using the product- the thought of putting some sort of electrifying device on my face wasn’t pleasant! Luckily my fiance was on hand so I tested it on him first and thankfully he didn’t instantly die so I thought it’d be safe enough to have a go! I can report that it’s actually not an unpleasant experience at all more of a mild tingling and you can adjust the intensity levels so there’s really nothing to worry about,

There are 9 different treatment zones:


Some of which you’ll obviously have to repeat on each side of the face making it 15 in total so 60 seconds on each area = total usage time 15 minutes.

For the forehead and brow area the devise freakishly makes you raise your eyebrow all by itself ala Roger Moore


Strangely enough when I used the device on the right hand side of my forehead I could feel it on the top middle of my head.

The under eye area makes your lower eye lid flicker a bit- according to the DVD it’s not uncommon to see flashing lights while exercising this area, thankfully I didn’t!

I do really enjoy using the devise because you can actually see the area that your targeting working, although while working around the mouth areas I thought I could feel it in my teeth a bit which isn’t pleasant and the next day some of my teeth hurt.

I avoided using the product on the neck and behind the ear areas as I’m a bit worried that I’m going to end up with a thick muscly neck! And I don’t have any double chin problems so I might just avoid that area for the time being, possibly down to accidently working that area when I regularly do sit ups. I will have a go on the other settings soon and keep you updated!


Today I used the second setting- tap toning which you use exactly in the same way as the first setting- put it on certain areas on your face for a minute while it contracts the muscles. The only difference is the first setting has 2 seconds of facial contractions followed by a 3 second pause whereas the second setting has “pulsing massage action” which lasts for 5 seconds followed by a 3 second pause. I’m not sure what difference these settings make to the facial muscles but the second setting seems more pleasant as it’s more “massage-y”. I tried to up the intensity settings today although my teeth still hurt- upon reading the leaflet information this is “normal”- although it might be “normal” it’s certainly not pleasant and it’s painful so I’m not sure if your teeth adjust in time otherwise I’ll be unable to progress in the settings. I HAVE noticed some results today! I’ve noticed after each time I use this that my face is more puffy, today however my lips feel more swollen we’re talking bee sting not allergic reaction and my cheeks are getting that Kate Moss look- yippee! I have high hopes for this product, I just hope it actually works!


Unfortunately last time I used this product it left a red round mark on my face where I had used this which took a couple of days to clear up so I didn’t want to use this again in case it happens again.

Facial Fitness

We know how much exercise can improve the appearance of your body so why not your face? And since it’s the area of your body that’s always on display why not make it a priority? I initially became aware of the potential benefits of facial exercise when I had a massage that involved a face massage and noticed that my face instantly looked younger and fresher.

Facial massage routine

I look after my skin by regularly cleansing, toning, moisturising, exfoliating, using mud masks, eating healthily, applying suntan lotion and avoiding alcohol, however being aged 30 and with impending marriage nuptials and a resistance to fillers/botox I really need to step it up.

I originally tried a few facial exercises with Face Yoga by Annelise Hagen which I found online, but wanted to buy a full length facial exercise DVD to really benefit from it, after reading various reviews I decided to go with Eva Fraser’s Facial Fitness Made Easy and have recently find out that Madonna is one of Eva’s clients.

The DVD is divided into different sections:

Basic Exercises– 11 minutes

After a few days of doing this I noticed my cheeks had completely puffed up! Perhaps from inflating the muscle? And that after doing my facial exercises the next day my face felt all tingly from working the muscles. On day 13 I noticed my cheek bones looked really fantastic- really defined and a lot more Kate Moss like.


Section One– 12 minutes

You will have to repeat the Forehead Lines move, making it three times total as Eva ask that you do this move 3 times, but the DVD only shows the move twice.

Section Two– 11 minutes

Section Three– 14 minutes (gloves are needed)

Section Four– 12 minutes (gloves are needed)

Initially you need to follow the Basic Exercises for two weeks and then progress onto alternating Section One, Two, Three and Four each day, making sure you do each section once a week, giving you three days off. Eva recommends that you do Ear massage exercise every day- this move is already in section two and section four so I’ve added it onto the end of section one and three and will also being doing this on two of the days off- giving myself one complete day off a week. I’ll keep you guys updated with how I get on!

For more info you might find this interview helpful

Face to face with Eva Fraser