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Better Tv Tracy Anderson Makes Working out the Star

Time: 2 minutes
Areas worked: Stomach
Equipment needed: None

Tracy performs a series of ab moves all while in a plank position, for those of you doing the live streaming you will recognise these moves which she performs after she finishes her leg series. These exercises are suitable for men and women. Thank you to Lily for finding this ūüôā

Check out the moves here

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

Tracy Anderson Nate Berkus

Time: 8 minutes
Areas worked: Arms and legs
Equipment needed: 2 dinner plates (+ 2 smaller plates for guys) and a broom

As easy at it looks and coming from someone who regularly does 100 reps of some of Tracy’s arm exercises the plate exercises are HARD! I really struggled to do the 50 reps (don’t worry I managed it!) but it was hard. The standing leg move that incorporates the broom is pretty tricky and you have to watch your balance but at least it’s not painful. I did this using a broom with the brush on the end (copying Tracy) but I wonder if you can just use a broom stick like Tracy has done in her more recent workouts. With the broom end make that much difference?

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

How to get a body like Jake Gyllenhaal

Time: 3 minutes
Area worked: Legs
Equipment needed: 5lb weight for guys, 3lb weight for girls

Hooray another workout for the boys! And this thankfully is guy and girl friendly.

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

Tracy Anderson to launch more Teen Meta, a Men’s program and more Dance Cardio


Exciting times people! Since giving birth Tracy seems to have been on a new material churning out rollercoaster! Since little Penelope was born we’ve been given The Pregnancy Project, Teen Meta, Total Body Mini Trampoline Workout, Post Pregnancy 2 which many people to gather to be 1 of 3 Post Pregnancy workouts to be released so there’s potentially more material there, The Method for beginners, Precision Toning as well as the Food Program, more workout clothes and the opening of her Brentwood studio.


More Teen Meta
The original Teen Meta set contains 3 different routines making it last 30 days although on the cover it’s advertised as being a 90 day workout. Because Tracy explained that teens don’t¬†need¬†a metamorphosis as their bodies are changing hence the name “Teen Meta” it was easy to believe that this could just be a one off DVD collection for teens to do to keep up the fitness levels and maintain their mind body connection and all the other wonderful properties the Tracy Anderson method promises. But as Teen meta was pretty popular (I would however be interested to see how many of the DVDs were actually bought by teens and not her existing older devotees who are ever hungry for more material) the teen series is being continued!

Which brings up the questions:

How long will the series continue for? As people aren’t teenagers forever it won’t be able to continue indefinitely, at some stage I’m assuming aged 18 or 20 they’ll be old enough to graduate onto grown up Metamorphosis. As Tracy said that the Teen Meta DVDs could be used for children as young as 10 potentially there could be 10 years worth of Teen Meta going from aged 10 to 20.

And¬†How many workouts will be received in a pack?¬†If they continued packaging the teen meta shipments as 3 workouts and cardio in a pack then it’s not great value per delivery or shipping to only be able to be able to purchase a month’s worth of workouts at a time, but then again this has been described as 90 day program so perhaps you need to do each workout for 30 days rather then 10, but it’s unclear as no guidelines are given during the Teen Meta DVD. It would be fantastic if with each pack Tracy continued with one freestyle dance cardio and one choreographed ¬†dance routine as in Tracy Anderson Method land there is a plethora of muscular structure, but not as much cardio and as at a maximum people are doing an hour of dance cardio 6 days a week the material gets very boring fast.

More Dance Cardio 

Which brings me nicely onto my second subject. There will be “new dances to come soon!” Tracy Anderson’s Instagram page which really is an invaluable resource for Tracy fans as it was on here that she shared the news of her Post Pregnancy 2 DVD long before it was announced on her facebook page or website and her moderators hadn’t even heard of the project until probably less then a month’s of it’s release. Tracy also posts lots of snapshots of her other projects such as her Total Body Trampoline DVD. On Tracy Anderson’s Instagram page she recently posted lots of fun pictures of her and the other trainers at the beach and dancing in a sports hall and one of them had the caption “New dances to come out soon!” Hooray!!! So I’m assuming this is going to be the release of a new choreographed dance cardio DVD- she wouldn’t refer to unchoreographed cardio as containing “dances” and there is little need to release more unchoreographed dance cardio as there is so much with Metamorphosis (although I still would buy it) and Tracy’s fans have been calling out for a new choreographed dance cardio DVD for so long. I wonder what the dances are like? I wonder if Maria will get to choreograph any of them? From the instagram video Maria definitely seems to know her stuff. Also will we ever see the elusive “Punch routine” which countless webisodes have shown snippets of Tracy dancing to this routine although it has never been released on any of her dance cardio dvds. What about the Candy Man routine? So many questions!


The Men’s Program

Since Tracy took on male clients such as Robert Downey Jr, Jake Gyllenhaal and Matthew McConnohay it was natural to wonder if she would ever release a Men’s program for the masses. The closest we’ve had to anything is the webisodes where she demonstrated some of Jake’s muscular structure routine and speed agility cardio which she uses as a cardio alternative for the men. With the opening of her new Brentwood Studio Tracy constantly talked about how men friendly it is with programs aimed at men and the addition of the Male Body reformer (just like the normal body reformer but bigger for men? Or with more resistance?) . Now Tracy has appeared in the Men’s Magazine Details (unfortunately I haven’t been able to get hold of a copy yet) where she demonstrates a few man friendly muscular structure moves and cardio which incorporates the ceiling bands.


Now the news has been released that Tracy is getting ready to launch a men’s program- as she’s gone as far as getting publicity for this by appearing in a men’s magazine we’d hope that the Men’s Program will be available to the masses and not just her studio clients. I wonder what the product will be? An exercise DVD isn’t particularly man friendly- most men prefer to workout at the gym or follow exercises from a magazine or book, but then again she does already have some male devotees who simply follow the omni option of her metamorphosis DVDs, but is this really a big enough market to target? There is of course all of us women who are already massive devotees who might be lucky enough to have male partners who have expressed an interest in the DVDs, or in my case a male partner who wouldn’t want to go anywhere near a Tracy DVD but I’d still buy the DVD for him (for me!). As much of Tracy’s customer base are the women (like myself) who would literally buy anything Tracy whether it be Teen Meta, Post Pregnancy and the Pregnancy Project despite not ever being pregnant or being far from a teenager(!) we would hope that the Men’s Program could also be safe (non bulking) to be used by women, but then again if this is the case why release a separate Men’s program if women can use it too?


What will the Men’s program look like? When Tracy demonstrated Jake’s routine to Catt Sadler she assured her that it was safe for women to do too as was the Speed Agility Cardio so what real difference is there between the routines? Will it be more accessible to men? Will it simply look more “Manly” with blokey exercises as opposed to ballet moves? Or will it go after a different result to her method? Her method is all about “creating a long lean feminine body” not exactly man friendly, but when she’s talked about men trying out her routine she has explained how the results make them “skinny ripped” which is supposedly a good thing? Or perhaps a certain look that men like to achieve? In webisodes such as Dr Oz, Fitness tips for trouble areas and connect arms (lets hope the men who do these DVDs are more coordinated then Carlos!) where she has said that the exercises are also suitable for men she has recommended that they lift a higher weight then the 3lbs as “we like our men with a little more bulk” so it could be her normal exercises with higher weights? Which means she could start selling these on her website? Who knows? So many questions!

Where did I get this golden information about more teen meta and a men’s program from? This Las Vegas Review article.

Tracy Anderson Brentwood Post Pregnancy

Time: 2 minutes
Areas worked: Arms and legs
Equipment needed: 2X 1lb weight

In this snippet Tracy demonstrates a few different moves for your arms and legs including a move I haven’t seen before, where you elevate from lying on forearms onto all fours- enjoy!

You can view more moves here

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

Tracy Anderson Dr Oz Workout


Muscular structure
Time: 7 minutes
Areas worked: Arms, legs and stomach
Equipment needed: 1lb weights, 5lbs for men

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

Time: 1 minute

This is a nice and easy full body workout that includes some new moves from Tracy including standing leg exercises and some new cardio.

Every Single Tracy Anderson Cardio Workout