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News on Tracy Anderson’s New Book and DVDs


***UPDATE*** Cardio Dance Express review here

Tracy is bringing out a new book and DVDs- yippee!

In this new clip Tracy talks about the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and her forthcoming book:

I loved her previous book “30 Day Method” which is a godsend for those who want to further immerse themselves in the world of the Tracy Anderson Method and gain clarity of her unique approach to shaping the body. The 30 Day Method gave a backstory to the method and included a 30 day bootcamp with a workout DVD.


Going by the clip it seems that this new book may be similar to Cameron Diaz’s “The Body Book” in that it focuses on looking after yourself as a whole but also champions Tracy’s newer message (the older being “teeny tiny” and “perfection is possible”) to “be your best you”. Be the best you can be, not to aspire to whatever other people have and just mirror whatever habits they may have even though they may not be the best or work for you i.e blindly following celebrity trends. This is such great news for Tracy fans, especially those of us who eagerly read all of her interviews for hopes of more snippets of her wisdom. There’s no release date for this book at the moment and as Tracy says she’s still currently writing it so we may have to wait a while.

The good news though is it’s not long until we get some new DVDs!

Following on from my previous post: New Tracy Anderson DVDs on the Way. These DVDs now have names, covers and are currently due for release on 29th December.


The muscular structure DVD is called “Targeted Training Bootcamp”- I wonder if they struggle to come up with new names?! Going by the name targeted training is probably another way of saying “Precision Toning” in that the workouts will focus on targeting specific areas.

maxresdefaultI’m not really sure what the bootcamp refers to- Tracy initially hosted a bootcamp in New York for members of the public during the period when she was training with Madonna, before Tracy’s career really sky rocketed, but I don’t think this DVD workout is going to be similar. Also her first book “The 30 Day Method” was described by Tracy as a bootcamp book- so a relatively short, intensive, and rigorous course of training, which was certainly true as the muscular structure workouts alone (without cardio) lasted over an hour, with Tracy encouraging you to work up to 60 reps of each move and to do the workout every day with no rest days for the full 30 days. And this DVD includes 3 muscular structure workouts each progressing in difficulty.


So I would be really surprised if those terms could be applied to this forthcoming workout DVD in that most of her stand alone workout DVDs (so not metamorphosis or streaming) are beginner to intermediate levels, not really extreme exercise, I’m thinking they just decided to throw the word “Bootcamp” in there as a catchy term.

Onto the content- this DVD includes “3 focused workouts” which focus on individual areas: Abs, glutes and hips and thighs. So this will be similar to “Precision Toning” and “Method Express” which sections off different workouts to different body parts. In Precision Toning there are 4 individual 15 minute workouts- Arms, Legs, Butt and Abs but Tracy does encourage you if you have the time to combine all the workouts together to make it a full hour. In Method Express there are 6 individual 10 minute workouts- Arms and shoulders, Butt, Abs, Legs, and then Upper body and Lower body, once again if you have the time Tracy encourages you to combine these all together to make your workout a full hour. So I’m guessing that this workout will be an hour divided into 3x 20 minute sections.

Now for all of those panicking that Tracy has forgotten about your arms don’t worry I’m sure that she will include an arm workout/warm up into these workouts.

Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure DVDs in order

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

Onto the cardio DVD:


The new Cardio DVD is called “Cardio Dance Express” they’re really running out of names now! Similar to “Method Express” in that it is (and exactly the same wording) “6 Efficient 10 Minute Workouts”. Other Tracy Anderson cardio DVDs that have been broken into smaller sections are Dance + Cardio which is 2X 30 minute workouts, Cardio Dance for Beginners which is 4X 15 minute workouts and Slim + Sculpt Cardio which is 3X 20 minute workouts but one of them includes muscular structure. So Tracy’s DVDs really seem to currently be targeting the time poor with their options of doing a shorter workout. I wonder how much longer she’ll continue this theme for, now that the workouts have been broken into 30 minute, 20 minute, 15 minute and now 10 minute segments it’s hard to see where she will go from here.

Another question is what sort of cardio will this be? We already know that it’ll be dance cardio but will it be choreographed or “following along” steps like most of her other DVDs of late, or will it be a combination of the two? Can’t wait to see!

Tracy Anderson’s Cardio DVDs in order

Every Single Tracy Anderson Cardio Workout


October 2015: New Tracy Anderson DVDs on the Way


***UPDATE*** Cardio Dance Express review here

In case you didn’t already know Tracy Anderson has some new DVDs coming out! Yes new DVDs- plural 😀

It looks like she’s going to be releasing more dance cardio:

AND muscular structure (see weights and wrist/ankle weights in the picture below):

Oh Tracy you do spoil us.

Her last DVD releases were Method Express (muscular structure) and Slim + Sculpt Cardio  (dance cardio and muscular structure) which were both filmed at the same Greek island style building:

Did someone say they wanted new dances??????? 💚💚💚

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So a nice clean white backdrop with Tracy styled in cotton fresh sporty clothing which is a stark contrast to these new DVDs which appear to be shot in a warehouse/factory setting with distressed walls:

And Tracy is styled in sleek and bondage style clothing:

I love this 90s Versace style look:

This is a return to the industrial meets polished style of Tracy’s 2014 release Unleash Your Inner Popstar which is definitely her best looking DVD to date:

Be sure to check @goop today for an exclusive preview of the new dance aerobics DVD!

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It looks like the new cardio is going to be choreographed dance cardio (where you’re taught a routine which you will then perform with Tracy up to tempo) as opposed to her “follow along” dance cardio which she employs in 30 Day Method, Metamorphosis, Video Streaming (aka TA Real Time) and 2 of her stand alone cardio DVD releases: Tracy Anderson’s Cardio Dance for Beginners and Tracy Anderson Dance + Cardio

So if this is a new choreographed dance cardio DVD it will join her 5 other purely choreographed dance cardio DVDs: Dance AerobicsDance Cardio WorkoutBeginner Dance CardioDance Cardio 2 and Unleash Your Inner Popstar. There is a single choreographed dance routine in Teen Meta but the majority of the DVD is muscular structure workouts.

Here is what the new DVD covers might look like:


And here are all the other shots of the video shoot:


"Action." Says Director Dunea. Take it away Ms. @tracyandersonmethod.

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****UPDATE More info available! News on Tracy Anderson’s New Book and DVDs

Tracy Anderson’s Muscular Structure DVDs in Order

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

Tracy Anderson’s Cardio DVDs in Order

Every Single Tracy Anderson Cardio Workout

New Tracy Anderson DVD due June 2015


Woooo!!!! New Tracy! This DVD is due for release 2nd June 2015

The DVD is most likely to be this workout:

Did someone say they wanted new dances??????? 💚💚💚

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Which was filmed at the same time as Tracy Anderson Method Express.  Tracy has lots of cardio DVDs so why has she released another one? This has 3X 20 minute workouts, whereas her other non choreographed cardio DVDs which are made into smaller workouts are either in 15 minute segments (cardio dance for beginners) 10 minutes (30 day method) or 30 minutes (dance + cardio) so I suppose this varies from the others by being 20 minutes. I have no idea why this is significant though!


One of the cardio workouts includes a light toning segment featuring the fitness band! Now that’s something different from Tracy. Will she use it in a similar way to her multi task band classes?


For those that don’t know the band was originally introduced in Teen Meta and Tracy used it in some of her master classes and through certain levels of meta continuity, however it isn’t featured in any of her other DVDs so it’s interesting that she’s decided to use it now (seeing as it isn’t a new piece of equipment) and incorporate it into cardio and it’s great news that it’s included with the DVD.

Tracy Anderson’s Cardio DVDs in order

Every Single Tracy Anderson Cardio Workout

New Tracy Anderson DVD due March 2015


UPDATE! See Method Express review here

How exciting! Tracy’s releasing a new muscular structure DVD on Friday March 27th. This is currently available at Walmart but if it’s the same workout as the one pictured on her instagram it’ll also be made available at Amazon and Target.

If we are to trust the cover (which history tells us isn’t always accurate) this DVD is 1 hour long and is divided into 6X 10 minute workouts, each workout focusing on a different body part. Tracy’s only other DVD which divides up specific areas of the body into different workouts is Precision Toning which has 4 different workouts (rather then 6) and each one is 15 minutes long. Typically Tracy’s workouts are 30 minutes (Metamorphosis, Transform on Xbox) to 1 hr long (Mat Workout, Perfect Design Series, Live Streaming) but recently she’s been offering some shorter workout options for those pressed for time or beginners (Mat Workout for Beginners at 24 minutes). So each workout being at only 10 minutes long this will be the shortest workouts she’s ever released, despite this Tracy still continues with the message that you will need to build up to at least 30 minutes muscular structure and 30 minutes cardio 6 days a week.

According to the blurb on Walmart you can combine all of these to make a longer workout, which you were also given the option to do with Precision Toning. It also says that you’ll need your 3lb dumbbells and 1.5-2.5lb ankle weights.

I like the accurate descriptions of each workout that are given as these represent what body you can expect if you do the Tracy Anderson Method: “Sculpted arms and shoulders”, “tight and tone butt” I don’t know if that’s supposed to read “tight and TONED butt”, “firm flat abs” “long lean legs” with the last two workouts focusing on either the upper or the lower body.

I’m looking forward to hearing more about this DVD and it being released 🙂


UPDATE!!!! A couple of preview videos have been released

From watching the previews we can see that the video is shot outside, not in a studio- her only other exercises releases that are shot outside are the XBOX transform series and year 4 of metamorphosis. I think shooting outside worked better on the transform series as it was in Hawaii the weather was really good and it was a lovely backdrop, whereas in this clip it just looks a bit grey and overcast. I also don’t really know where she’s supposed to be- she looks like she’s in a fake building impersonating something from a Greek Island…… with towels outside….. it’s really odd. The sound quality is also really bad- you can hear background noise- such as a plane flying over as well as either wind or traffic and it keeps cutting out. Also from watching the previews it seems a bit strange as sometimes there’s music playing and other times it isn’t which seems inconsistent. Although it is refreshing to see Tracy outside, I think if it’s not in a sunny location I’d rather see her in a well lit studio. You can see that Tracy gives detailed instructions throughout the workout and she says this DVD is aimed at any fitness level so it would be suitable for beginners/intermediate levels.

Tracy Anderson’s Muscular Structure DVDs in Order

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout



New Tracy Anderson Website on the Way


Exciting news Tracy Anderson fans! There’s a new Tracy Anderson Website on the way. 🙂 🙂 🙂

When interviewed about the website which will launch after Thanksgiving, Tracy said “It’s going to be more active, I’m going to take some baby-step approaches with it…while I perfect my desire to be telescoped live in a really authentic way to people all over the world at a really affordable price.”

Fans will be pleased to hear that Tracy’s new website will include content from her master classes. Yaaay! So it looks like she’s listened to the multiple requests for there to be video access to her classes. Even though Tracy already has a plethora of DVDs available, fans are keen to experience the energy and great playlists of Tracy’s master classes, which the majority of fans are unable to experience due to geography and the price tag. It doesn’t look like access to these videos will be free though as Tracy mentions that they’ll come at an “affordable price”.

The model could perhaps be something similar to what former Tracy Anderson trainers Anna Kaiser and Yin Yue have adopted with a monthly video subscription channel.

Tracy already regularly posts 15 second videos of her classes on instagram which are all warmly received by fans who are desperate for more material and are curious about what it’s like to experience a master class.

So that leaves us with the questions of..

  • How often will Tracy post the classes?
  • Does this take away from the appeal of attending the classes/vitality weeks in the flesh with the higher price tag?
  • Will this fit in with those on metamorphosis?
  • Will Tracy continue to bring out DVDs? (I bet she will!)

So what do you think? Will you pay for new Tracy material? Are you as excited as me? Will we ever get enough Tracy Anderson Method?!

New Tracy Anderson DVDs for October 2014 release!


*** UPDATE ****

Here is the review for Cardio Dance for Beginners


One of my favourite things (yes I know this will reveal me to be a Tracy Anderson mega geek) is when I find out that a NEW Tracy Anderson DVD is going to be released 🙂

So today I’m a happy bunny as according to collage video and Tracy will be releasing two new DVDs on 7th October this year. Mat Workout for Beginners and Cardio Dance for Beginners.

I’m trying not to get too excited though as Tracy has been known to repackage and rerelease pre-exisiting workout DVDs, for example the Perfect Design Series, so I’m hoping this isn’t the case. b93baba68853a5112c073be4-2


For the Mat Workout for Beginners this could possibly be a rereleased version of The Method for Beginners– although as it’s under a slightly different name it seems unlikely and it wasn’t too long ago that she released The Method for Beginners so I don’t know why they’d be repackaging it so soon. Also I haven’t seen the photo which is used on the front for any of her other material, whereas with the repackaged Perfect Design series the same pictures were used as when she released her clothing line.


So what do we know about this hopefully new DVD? Well if any of the old packaging is anything to go by we can’t trust what it says on the case. The runtime is a generous 79 minutes, which makes the case’s claim of 3X25 minute workouts believable, plus 4 minutes to spare (maybe an introduction to the DVD?). If the case is to be believed, the dividing of the workouts into 3 segments is similar to Precision Toning, so there’s the possibility that she’s targeting different body parts in each workout, or maybe she’s adopted the same strategy as Teen Meta and made 3 progressive workouts. The length time of 25 minutes is a little confusing as she normally advocates at least 30 minutes of muscular structure a day- perhaps she is being extra lenient with the beginners? Or maybe she just didn’t film enough material, as with metamorphosis some of her workouts are only 27 minutes long.


There’s a possibility that the Cardio Dance for Beginners is a repackaged version of Beginner Dance Cardio. This seems more likely as Beginner Dance Cardio was released quite a while ago although the difference in name makes me think that this is an original DVD.TA - Beginner Dance Cardio

What do we know about this DVD? The runtime is 66 minutes, whereas the Beginner Dance Cardio DVD is only 24 minutes. The runtime also makes the covers claims of 4X15 minute workouts credible.

Why the cardio routines are divided into 15 minutes segments I’m unsure of- her choreographed routines normally last the length of a song, although the non choreographed routines for the 30 day method were 10 minutes each, so maybe this does make sense. Also I completely welcome any new Tracy Anderson dance cardio dvds- especially 60-66minutes worth! When you do 30-60 minutes of dance cardio every day it’s really easy to get bored of the existing material (and your playlist) and while there is an abundance of muscular structure material, cardio lags behind.

According to the cover the workout is “ab sculpting” which is hard to believe from a cardio dvd- unless there’s a standing abs section?

Has anyone heard anymore on these DVDs? I’m excited to find out more information and of course excited about the possibility of buying these new DVDs 🙂

UPDATE! 23rd Aug 2014

Yes these are new Tracy Anderson DVDs- check out the previews:

Every Single Tracy Anderson Cardio Workout

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

Tracy Anderson to launch more Teen Meta, a Men’s program and more Dance Cardio


Exciting times people! Since giving birth Tracy seems to have been on a new material churning out rollercoaster! Since little Penelope was born we’ve been given The Pregnancy Project, Teen Meta, Total Body Mini Trampoline Workout, Post Pregnancy 2 which many people to gather to be 1 of 3 Post Pregnancy workouts to be released so there’s potentially more material there, The Method for beginners, Precision Toning as well as the Food Program, more workout clothes and the opening of her Brentwood studio.


More Teen Meta
The original Teen Meta set contains 3 different routines making it last 30 days although on the cover it’s advertised as being a 90 day workout. Because Tracy explained that teens don’t need a metamorphosis as their bodies are changing hence the name “Teen Meta” it was easy to believe that this could just be a one off DVD collection for teens to do to keep up the fitness levels and maintain their mind body connection and all the other wonderful properties the Tracy Anderson method promises. But as Teen meta was pretty popular (I would however be interested to see how many of the DVDs were actually bought by teens and not her existing older devotees who are ever hungry for more material) the teen series is being continued!

Which brings up the questions:

How long will the series continue for? As people aren’t teenagers forever it won’t be able to continue indefinitely, at some stage I’m assuming aged 18 or 20 they’ll be old enough to graduate onto grown up Metamorphosis. As Tracy said that the Teen Meta DVDs could be used for children as young as 10 potentially there could be 10 years worth of Teen Meta going from aged 10 to 20.

And How many workouts will be received in a pack? If they continued packaging the teen meta shipments as 3 workouts and cardio in a pack then it’s not great value per delivery or shipping to only be able to be able to purchase a month’s worth of workouts at a time, but then again this has been described as 90 day program so perhaps you need to do each workout for 30 days rather then 10, but it’s unclear as no guidelines are given during the Teen Meta DVD. It would be fantastic if with each pack Tracy continued with one freestyle dance cardio and one choreographed  dance routine as in Tracy Anderson Method land there is a plethora of muscular structure, but not as much cardio and as at a maximum people are doing an hour of dance cardio 6 days a week the material gets very boring fast.

More Dance Cardio 

Which brings me nicely onto my second subject. There will be “new dances to come soon!” Tracy Anderson’s Instagram page which really is an invaluable resource for Tracy fans as it was on here that she shared the news of her Post Pregnancy 2 DVD long before it was announced on her facebook page or website and her moderators hadn’t even heard of the project until probably less then a month’s of it’s release. Tracy also posts lots of snapshots of her other projects such as her Total Body Trampoline DVD. On Tracy Anderson’s Instagram page she recently posted lots of fun pictures of her and the other trainers at the beach and dancing in a sports hall and one of them had the caption “New dances to come out soon!” Hooray!!! So I’m assuming this is going to be the release of a new choreographed dance cardio DVD- she wouldn’t refer to unchoreographed cardio as containing “dances” and there is little need to release more unchoreographed dance cardio as there is so much with Metamorphosis (although I still would buy it) and Tracy’s fans have been calling out for a new choreographed dance cardio DVD for so long. I wonder what the dances are like? I wonder if Maria will get to choreograph any of them? From the instagram video Maria definitely seems to know her stuff. Also will we ever see the elusive “Punch routine” which countless webisodes have shown snippets of Tracy dancing to this routine although it has never been released on any of her dance cardio dvds. What about the Candy Man routine? So many questions!


The Men’s Program

Since Tracy took on male clients such as Robert Downey Jr, Jake Gyllenhaal and Matthew McConnohay it was natural to wonder if she would ever release a Men’s program for the masses. The closest we’ve had to anything is the webisodes where she demonstrated some of Jake’s muscular structure routine and speed agility cardio which she uses as a cardio alternative for the men. With the opening of her new Brentwood Studio Tracy constantly talked about how men friendly it is with programs aimed at men and the addition of the Male Body reformer (just like the normal body reformer but bigger for men? Or with more resistance?) . Now Tracy has appeared in the Men’s Magazine Details (unfortunately I haven’t been able to get hold of a copy yet) where she demonstrates a few man friendly muscular structure moves and cardio which incorporates the ceiling bands.


Now the news has been released that Tracy is getting ready to launch a men’s program- as she’s gone as far as getting publicity for this by appearing in a men’s magazine we’d hope that the Men’s Program will be available to the masses and not just her studio clients. I wonder what the product will be? An exercise DVD isn’t particularly man friendly- most men prefer to workout at the gym or follow exercises from a magazine or book, but then again she does already have some male devotees who simply follow the omni option of her metamorphosis DVDs, but is this really a big enough market to target? There is of course all of us women who are already massive devotees who might be lucky enough to have male partners who have expressed an interest in the DVDs, or in my case a male partner who wouldn’t want to go anywhere near a Tracy DVD but I’d still buy the DVD for him (for me!). As much of Tracy’s customer base are the women (like myself) who would literally buy anything Tracy whether it be Teen Meta, Post Pregnancy and the Pregnancy Project despite not ever being pregnant or being far from a teenager(!) we would hope that the Men’s Program could also be safe (non bulking) to be used by women, but then again if this is the case why release a separate Men’s program if women can use it too?


What will the Men’s program look like? When Tracy demonstrated Jake’s routine to Catt Sadler she assured her that it was safe for women to do too as was the Speed Agility Cardio so what real difference is there between the routines? Will it be more accessible to men? Will it simply look more “Manly” with blokey exercises as opposed to ballet moves? Or will it go after a different result to her method? Her method is all about “creating a long lean feminine body” not exactly man friendly, but when she’s talked about men trying out her routine she has explained how the results make them “skinny ripped” which is supposedly a good thing? Or perhaps a certain look that men like to achieve? In webisodes such as Dr Oz, Fitness tips for trouble areas and connect arms (lets hope the men who do these DVDs are more coordinated then Carlos!) where she has said that the exercises are also suitable for men she has recommended that they lift a higher weight then the 3lbs as “we like our men with a little more bulk” so it could be her normal exercises with higher weights? Which means she could start selling these on her website? Who knows? So many questions!

Where did I get this golden information about more teen meta and a men’s program from? This Las Vegas Review article.