Tracy Anderson Magnificat

Time: 1 minute
Areas worked: Legs and stomach
Equipment needed: Ankle weights

In this promo clip Tracy demos 3 plank/push up moves, you’ve probably seen these moves already but it’s nice to get the push up one in. Tracy’s really pushing the exercise attire boundaries by wearing nude tights (pantyhose for those using US English) under her shorts! You can clearly see the waist band around her stomach. Perhaps she’s wearing these for modesty reasons under her shorts- although leggings would work, or just wear leggings? I really thought tights would be uncomfortable to workout in, especially as Tracy has spoken out about how you should work out in comfortable non restrictive clothing, has anyone tried this? It definitely not something I’m going to try, my ladder-free tights are too precious!

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

Tracy Anderson’s Targeted Training Boot Camp

815nhiriekl-_sl1500Time: 58 minutes
Areas worked: ALS
Equipment needed: 1lb hand weight (Tracy uses 3lb weights), 4X ankle weights (Tracy uses 2x 1.5lb & 2X 2.5lb)

This DVD similar to Precision Toning in that the workouts are divided into different sections that each focus on a different body part so if you’re pressed for time you can just complete one of the more bite sized workouts. This DVD is broken into three 20(ish) minute sections: abs, glutes and then finally hips & thighs. You can do each section by itself although Tracy would prefer that you do all the sections together to make it a full workout. Each section involves a warm up and a cool down section and don’t worry arms are included as well.

Although this is called a boot camp the DVD is actually at an intermediate level, with lots of breaks in the workout where Tracy stops to talk you through the moves, so it’s not really a full hour. Although this workout is intermediate, some of the moves are quite unusual so you’ll definitely need to engage your brain.

This workout is filmed in the same industrial/factory setting as Cardio Dance Express, Tracy looks super sleek dressed in black lululemon and her makeup is flawless.

The background music is crazy dance music which doesn’t really fit with Tracy’s slow controlled instructions.


The ab section is good in that there is a lengthy explanation for each move, the reps aren’t too high but that doesn’t mean that some of the moves aren’t challenging.

It’s great that in this workout Tracy talks you through your form, which is really important prep for if you want to progress onto her harder workouts.

In this section Tracy works arms with weights to cool down and stretch at the end,  you can really feel the stretching in the abs, which is nice as Tracy doesn’t always do this in her workouts.

Hips and thighs

Although the moves are a bit complicated/challenging, they’re totally doable, I really love that Tracy acknowledges that the moves appear complicated and explains the reasons for why they are designed as they are. There are only a few moves on each side, so while doing this for the first time and Tracy said there’s only one more move before you switch to the next side I blew a sigh of relief, but then was a bit worried once she’d finished the moves on the other side and decided to add the second ankle weight, but thankfully it was just for a simple standing leg move so wasn’t that painful.


You might wonder why the glutes and hips and thigh sections are separated as surely they’re similar movements as they’re all working your legs, however during the hip & thigh section you can definitely feel it working specifically your hips and after the first glute move you can really feel it working deep in your glutes so Tracy’s definitely doing her job! The first move is killer, Tracy really launches you into it at full force.

Tracy Anderson Workout Add Ons

Tracy Anderson’s Muscular Structure DVDs in Order

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

Tracy Anderson Daily Candy Post Pregnancy Abs

Time: 2 minutes
Areas worked: Stomach
Equipment needed: None
I love that move involves the whole body and there is the lifting and lowering move at the start. Helpfully Tracy offers two modifications for this move; you can’t help but feel sorry for these Daily Candy employees for trying to keep up with Tracy’s moves!

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

Tips from Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Workout Tone Those Arms


First trimester
Start time: 0:00
Time: 7 minutes
Areas worked: Arms
Equipment needed: Mini weights

Second trimester
Start time: 1:24
Time: 4 minutes
Areas worked: Arms
Equipment needed: Mini weights

These arm moves are actually surprisingly tiring.

Third trimester
Start time: 1:40
Time: 4 minutes
Areas worked: Arms
Equipment needed: Mini weights

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout


Tracy Anderson Venus Post Pregnancy

007384e1c589Time: 1 minute
Areas worked: Abs
Equipment needed: None

This move definitely feels like it’s doing the job, especially as she’s going so slowly.

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

Tracy Anderson A Plus Morning Spark

5da9c617-944e-4ab8-8a3e-da2310d4f592-crop_1405x739_00-resize_1200x630-format_jpeg-inline_yesTime: 2 minutes
Areas worked: Arms, legs
Equipment needed: None

This video has lots of different snippets of different Tracy moves, it’s a bit frustrating as you have to pause and move the video around a bit to try out all the moves but it’s great getting all the variety.

Check out the video here

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

Tracy Anderson CaTApult Arms

anderson-arms-rawTime: 1 minute
Areas worked: Arms
Equipment needed: None

Yes I know it’s an ultra short video, but any content is great, non?

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout