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Tracy Anderson Video Streaming for Beginners Week 11

Trainer Breakdown

You will need to follow the Trainer Breakdown before proceeding with the workout as due to the camera angle in the class you’ll miss that Tracy dips from her left hand to her elbow during the first leg move. This week’s breakdown is taken by Evan and she gives lots of detailed helpful instructions which you may miss or not even think about if you just follow the workout


Time: 32 minutes
Areas worked: Arms, legs and stomach
Equipment needed: 1lb hand weights (Tracy uses 3lbs), 1lb ankle weights X3 (Tracy uses 2X 1.5 lb and 1X 1.5lb), a towel, a smooth surface to slide down and extra support for your knees if you need it.

The trouble with a lot of the streaming for beginners classes is they’re not actually for beginners. Most of them are her normal masterclasses with sections cut out to make it a shorter workout and as there are no beginners masterclasses on the timetable at her studios none of these are designed for beginners. So the best way to ensure you’re doing a streaming workout for beginners is if Tracy is just taking the class by herself or with other instructors, like in Week 11. In fact week 11 is the first beginners streaming class that doesn’t include clients so we know it’s just designed for us, at home beginners.

This class takes place in the East Hampton Studio. This workout follows the format of 2 songs for non weighted arms/stretches, 2 songs for arms with weights, the leg series and then crunches. The level is pretty easy, if you were to compare it to meta day 1-10 it’s a lot easier as there are lower reps of the moves and they’re just easier moves. This doesn’t mean that you won’t get a good workout!

The arms are fun and quite satisfying, the stretches are really good and you feel like you’re getting a lot of movement. There is a small amount of jumping, which I’m not a fan of, but it’s only a little bit so it’s ok.

The leg moves aren’t too challenging, I used a thicker mat during this workout as there is a leg move which you have to swivel your knee on. Although Tracy uses 2 ankle weights on one leg during certain moves it’s actually not that hard and those particular moves are quite basic.

Tracy Anderson Video Streaming for Beginners Week 1

Tracy Anderson Video Streaming

Tracy Anderson Streaming TAVA

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Tracy Anderson Video Streaming for Beginners Week 2

Trainer Breakdownimg_6262

This week’s breakdown is taken by lovely Maria Davidson who cued Tracy in the class. This week’s breakdown is really thorough and also includes details for the abs section which is sometimes left without a breakdown. Like Stacey in week one, Maria offers modifications for the moves. These are for the standing legs section and part of the floor leg workout. Maria is so graceful, flexible and good at moving, and really involves her whole body so it’s really inspiring to work out to and makes you realise that no part of you is static in any of the moves, everything’s really involved, which makes it all the more difficult! Not just physically but mentally you have to be so much more aware and not switch off.

Time: 49 minutes
Areas worked: Arms, legs and stomach
Equipment needed: 1lb weights hand weights, 1lb ankle weights, extra support for your knees if you need it

This workout has progressed from week one in that Tracy employs the use of ankle weights, although not all the way through the leg series like she does in her advanced masterclasses and she only wears an ankle weight on the working leg, this is until you get to the abs section where you have an ankle weight on each leg. Like the first beginners class the arms are quite slow and basic and the legs aren’t too challenging. I like that the leg section begins with standing legs which is a nice variation and really means you have to work on your balance. In the breakdown section Maria suggests that you can use something to support yourself while doing these moves which I foolishly sneered at but when following the moves up to tempo in class there were a couple of times when I had to drop the leg I was supposed to be working back down. Even though the moves are all pretty easy, there are a couple of moves that are mean on the knees! So you may want to get some extra support for them; there’s one where you’re shifting backwards and forwards from balancing on your knee and another where you have to do that horrible swivel move on your knee. The abs moves aren’t immediately obvious as there isn’t any crunches or standing abs, but they’re working during the section when you’re leaning back on your forearms and lifting your legs in front of you and the leg move near the end where you’re pulsing in and out. Out of all of the areas worked you’ll feel it most on your hips.

The playlist is quite fun, it includes an upbeat Avril Lavigne track and old skool Britney.

I really enjoyed this class, unfortunately due to a health condition I’m not able to regularly do as much exercise as I’d like to so when I do a longer workout I do find that I have to take some breaks (especially when I did the Transform series- that was killer!) but this was actually really easy and I didn’t have to take any breaks, it was also much easier than level 1 of Metarmorphosis.

Tracy Anderson Video Streaming for Beginners Week 1

Tracy Anderson Video Streaming

Tracy Anderson Streaming TAVA

Tracy Anderson’s Muscular Structure DVDs in Order

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Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

Tracy Anderson Video Streaming for Beginners


Praise be as Tracy has released Video Streaming for Beginners!

Tracy originally released Video Streaming in December 2014- see all the information here. This was Tracy’s most comprehensive workout to date, offering amazing playlists that change with each new workout (no more going insane to the metamorphosis soundtrack), the great atmosphere of being in the class, the excitement of regular celebrity spots (Sally Pressman is a masterclass regular and one week Gwyneth walks through the class and offers us a wave) and the feeling that we (all the real timers) are “in this together” as we are each doing the same workout every week. Unfortunately the streaming workouts aren’t for everyone as they can be pretty long- almost 2 hours, have a lot of jumping and the moves are quite challenging, which is great if you’re up to that level but if you’re a beginner, suffer with adrenal fatigue, are time poor, are getting over an illness or have injuries that prevent you from doing the majority of the moves you can feel really left out. I happen to fall into one of those categories as my bad knees currently prevent me from doing a lot of jumping at the moment so TA Real time wasn’t possible for me (despite having given it a really good go!).

Tracy recommends newbies to the method follow the following route: Beginners DVDs, Metamorphosis, then after level 4.1 she recommends getting onto live streaming (the advanced class) so that’s after over 3 years of doing the method, which involves building up your stamina, strengthening your muscles, becoming familiar with her moves and mastering your form, so it’s not the best thing just to jump straight into, although having said that some people have jumped into streaming without following that complete route (the majority were quite a way into metamorphosis) and have thrived, this won’t be the case for everyone and it is a big investment so you don’t want to go into streaming without being prepared.

Thankfully now every week there will be TWO streaming videos available- the existing advanced masterclasses and streaming for beginners. If this is down to the new CEO she’s a genius.

Week 1

As with the normal streaming there are two videos provided- Trainer Breakdown and the Masterclass.

Trainer Breakdown

photo (1)

This week’s trainer breakdown is taken by Stacey and she gives a much more thorough introduction then is given with the normal streaming videos. She really explains everything in detail and offers multiple modifications for the majority of the moves. It’s worth following the breakdown before you move onto the masterclass for beginners as the angle isn’t amazingly clear on the camera so it can be easy to not follow the moves correctly or mess up your form.


photo (2)
Time: 54 minutes
Areas worked: Arms, legs, stomach
Equipment needed: 1b weights, towel

The beginners masterclass is broken down into the following:

  • Stretches
  • Standing arms
  • Step touch dance cardio
  • Weighted arms (that include some standing abs work)
  • Step touch dance cardio
  • Leg work on the floor

The differences between the normal streaming and the beginners streaming is the following:

Duration– the beginners streaming class is only 1 hour long whereas the normal masterclasses so far can go up to being 1 hour and 50 minutes long.

Cardio– the beginners streaming doesn’t involve ANY jumping whereas the normal streaming includes jumping arms, jumping weighted arms and dance cardio. The cardio on the beginners streaming is all step touching with is such a god send for my poor knees!! I’m so happy that I have access to a streaming workout that I’m able to do all the way through without modifying.

Speed of movements– the beginner arms and stretches are performed quite slowly whereas the normal masterclass are a lot quicker.

Complexity and difficulty of moves– the beginner moves are a LOT easier and less complex that the masterclass moves, there aren’t any planks for a start.

Use of ankle weights in the normal streaming classes Tracy employs at least 3 ankle weights per session, with a recent masterclass including 3 ankle weights on ONE LEG totalling in 6lbs with one ankle weight on the other. In the beginner streaming Tracy doesn’t include ankle weights.

This beginners class seems to be less crowded then the other masterclass, maybe because it’s at a beginners level, although Sally Pressman’s still there, I’m not too sure why she is as she’s obviously not a beginner, maybe she was just supporting Tracy.

Compared to Tracy’s other beginner DVDs this workout is harder simply due to the duration- the longest other Beginners workout that Tracy has released is The Method for Beginners Disc 2 which is 30 minutes long. So while the moves aren’t difficult doing this will increase your stamina if you’re accustomed to doing shorter DVDs.

This week’s beginners floor work has a lot of focus on the hips, so moves where you’re lying on your side. The moves aren’t too difficult, the only more challenging moves are one where you push a towel along on the floor simultaneously to moving your leg and a move where you’re kneeling on one leg while the other extends to the side.

Tracy Anderson Video Streaming for Beginners Week 2

Tracy Anderson Video Streaming

Tracy Anderson Streaming TAVA

Tracy Anderson’s Muscular Structure DVDs in Order

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Tracy Anderson’s Cardio DVDs in order

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Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

My Tracy Anderson Mat Workout for Beginners Full Body Intermediate Routine

photo 3

Now I’ve completed 10 days of Mat Workout for Beginners Beginner Chair Sequence I’ve moved onto a new routine, this is what it looks like:

30 minutes (Tracy approved) cardio + 12,500 in total steps

Tracy Anderson Mat Workout for Beginners Full Body Intermediate + Tracy Anderson Style Caster Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions in 6 Exercises (workout add on) + Tracy Anderson score sexy cleavage (as the other exercises don’t target the chest area) Eva Fraser Facial Exercises [I got out of the habit of doing face exercises for a while but I’ve noticed a definite difference since I’ve started doing them again- my cheeks are more puffed out- in a good way! and my other facial muscles seem to be lifting so I’m going to keep at it.


Reformer pilates


Rodney Yee’s Yoga for Beginners Energising Practice + other exercises to make it to a full hour of strength work eg Better TV Tracy Anderson Makes Working Out the Star + Tracy Anderson Aspen + Tracy Anderson Acro Background

Once I finish my current yoga routine I’m going to add on Secret of Splits and Flexibility again.


I’ve also finished 10 sessions without taking a break for longer then a week of Reformer Pilates Beginner level so I’m now taking Intermediate classes. Although I enjoy the Pilates sessions I’ve noticed recently, especially because I’ve been doing the classes more frequently, that my are quads, arms and waist are a lot-lot thicker then I would like them to be. As the gym doesn’t offer classes at a higher level then intermediate, once I complete my 10 workouts (because I want to experience all the moves and I’m pedantic!) I’ll start taking mat Pilates classes instead, so hopefully they’ll shrink back down. I am surprised at how much bigger those areas are- Tracy obviously made a big change to my body when I committed to just doing her routine, the frustrating thing is I have been doing Tracy’s workout more frequently then these Reformer Pilates classes so it is a bit gutting that they seem to be undoing all the work and are more effective at adding on muscle then Tracy’s method is at reducing it. Has anyone else experienced this with adding on other workouts in addition to Tracy’s? I haven’t had this problem with yoga or mat Pilates so I think the added weights from using the reformer must be making the difference.

photo (46)

Some good news though- I have on-going knee problems which has made doing certain exercises difficult, however with physiotherapy they’re definitely improving. I’ve slowly been working on building my knees up to being able to do things like plies, squats and lunges and I’m happy that they’re now strong enough to master the weighted step touch routine from The Method for Beginners. From here I’m going to progress onto trying to do some rebounding which is a big step for me as I haven’t been able to do this for over a year (December 2013). At the moment I’m only able to do step touching for cardio so I’m excited to try to do this, I just hope that I’m able to.

My Tracy Anderson Perfect Design Series 2 Routine

My Tracy Anderson Mat Workout for Beginners Chair Sequence Routine

Tracy Anderson Mat Workout For Beginners


This video is shot in the same location as her Cardio Dance for Beginners DVD. So great lighting, futuristic/industrial background and Tracy is wearing a microphone! There are 3 workouts which you progress through, so hopefully by the time you’ve completed the last workout you’re ready to move onto something more challenging.

Full Body Beginner
photo 1
Time: 24 minutes
Areas worked: Arms, legs, stomach
Equipment needed: None

Tracy is extra nice in this video, she smiles a lot and makes helpful comments and encouraging remarks. Tracy really supports you through each step of this workout, so it’s a great place to start if you’re new to the method or you’re progressing from the The Method for Beginners. This is very much a beginner DVD so if you’re at the ability level of metamorphosis or perfect design etc you definitely won’t be pushing yourself if you use this video. The last Tracy workout I did before this was the Video Streaming, so this felt like heaven in comparison! That being said it’s not EASY. There is a particular move that involves you pushing yourself up from lying down to sitting up that needs a bit of stamina and strength. The workout unfolds as follows:

  • Standing arms
  • Standing abs (a very small amount)
  • Stretches on the floor
  • Leg work on the floor (mostly on your side) this dvd seems to mostly work your hips
  • Some stretches

All of the leg moves are 20 reps each, apart from the last move that is 30 reps. Here are some notes that I made when I first watched the DVD:

Leaning on elbow on side kick to ceiling. 20 20

On side bend knee in and back 20 20

Roll from stomach to side and kick leg back 20 20

side scissor kick 20 20

Sitting to lying side kick 20 20

Lying side knee bent to kick up 30 30

The workout is only 24 minutes long, which is pretty short for a Tracy workout (normally she does 30 minutes minimum) so it must really be focused on the beginners who would ideally need to eventually increase their workout time.

Even though I’m at a more advanced level then these workouts I’m happy to do them because I love any Tracy material I can get and sometimes it’s great to break things down and focus on form.

Chair Sequence
photo 2
Time: 24 minutes
Areas Worked: Arms, legs, stomach
Equipment needed: 1lb weights, chair

I think this workout is a little more challenging then the Full Body Beginner as all of the leg work is performed standing up- so you can’t just lie on the floor and kick your leg; all of your body is participating. This workout seems to work the hip/lower side area of the back, which is a tough area to reach and mine definitely needs some work so I welcome it. There are less stretches in this workout and the structure of the routine is slightly different then the Full Body Beginner- here it is:

  • Standing arms
  • Arms with weights
  • Standing leg work behind the chair
  • Standing abs (no she didn’t forget them!)

The majority of the reps are 20, although the last two are 30 reps- whereas the first workout on the dvd only has one exercise with 30 reps.

Here are some notes that I made when I first watched the DVD:

Standing by chair hip opening to the side then straight out to the side 20 20

One leg infront of the other lean forward 5 5

leaning on back of chair knee in and then kick to the side 20 20

Standing kick leg out to side 20 20

Leg forward then sweep back into attitude touching chair 20 20

Cross one leg over the other and bend both knees and swap behind 20 20

leaning on chair Pulse and lift leg up 30 30

Rotate knee in and then kick straight back 30 30

Full Body Intermediate
photo 3
Time 26 minutes
Areas worked: Arms, legs, stomach
1lb weights, ankle weights

This is definitely more challenging then the Chair Sequence as Tracy has added ankle weights and the moves become more complex-one of Tracy’s moves in particular is similar to one of her moves she deploys in her streaming workouts. Having said that it is still a doable workout as it’s once again not too long and Tracy only keeps all the leg moves to 20 reps each. This workout is similar to her previous ones on this disc as it includes free arms, then standing arms with weights then onto legs, however it doesn’t include a standing abs section. Although Tracy says that your abs will be worked throughout the legs work as they’re needed to stabilise the body through the moves that require some balance there aren’t any moves that are primarily aimed at the stomach, except maybe the short bridge pose at the end of the leg sequence. For the leg work I definitely felt it working my glute and hip- really your hips will be burning by the end of this workout, but it’s not excruciating, it’s a nice challenge. I may have found this more challenging then usual as I did this for the first time the day after I had progressed a level in a pilates reformer class that involved heavier weights. I prefer this sequence to the chair sequence as there aren’t any awkward moves that involve leaning over to the chair with your leg in the air and time seems to fly.

Here are some notes that I made when I first watched the DVD:

Side bridge onto knee with other leg up 20 20

Frog legs open then lean onto side and kick 20 20

Lie on side leg straight out infront lift and bend 20 20

Bend knee in and then lift leg up and back a bit 20 20

Circle leg to the front and then behind 20 20

On side frog legs back 20 20

Kick leg up back open diagonal 20 20

Tracy Anderson’s Muscular Structure DVDs in Order

Tracy Anderson Workout Add Ons

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

Tracy Anderson’s Cardio Dance for Beginners

Time 61 minutes
Equipment needed: None

Hooray! Tracy has blessed us with a brand new cardio DVD with 1hr (and 1 minute)’s worth of material. The DVD is described as being “ab sculpting” I’m not really sure why this would be as it’s just normal cardio with no particular ab work- I suppose it’s just a buzz phrase they’ve used to make the DVD sound like it’s got added benefits.

This DVD is so refreshing as it has new music, new outfits and a new background. Although the menu screen music is from the xbox transform series that Tracy did.

Tracy performs these routines in a dimly lit (don’t worry there’s good lighting on her) atmospheric room, with what looks like metal textured walls and with an industrial cement floor- think what it would look like if All Saints made exercise DVDs.

Her outfits are great and she wears a new one for each new 15 minute workout.

What makes this cardio DVD different to all her others is that she provides you with CONSTANT instructions- really helpful.

The cardio routines are divided into 4X 15 minute sections, which you have the option to play all at once. Unfortunately as Tracy offers an introduction before she begins each section if you do play these all at once you will have to take a break/skip past where Tracy stands and talks to the camera.

The basics

15 minutes

The workouts are very easy to follow and much like The Method for Beginners weighted cardio section Tracy introduces a new move slowly into the routine and really nurses you through the moves. The workouts are mostly step touching, although there are a few star jumps and other jumps. This DVD will raise your heart rate but it will by no means work you as hard as some of Tracy’s other DVDs.

Get Moving

15 minutes

This workout has a different routine then the first one, but it’s the same sort of principals.

Cardio Connection

15 minutes

This workout is very similar to the first two- new short routine, with each move slowly introduced and there’s not too much jumping.

Cardio Blast

16 minutes

Tracy looks amazing in this section, she’s wearing a yellow crop top so we can all be motivated by her gorgeous flat and toned stomach. Although this follows the same principals as the previous cardio sections this is a lot more challenging- the majority of the cardio is jumping- much more like metamorphosis cardio. Tracy ends the sequence with a few arm exercises.

Every Single Tracy Anderson Cardio Workout

Tracy Anderson’s Cardio DVDs in order

New Tracy Anderson DVDs for October 2014 release!


*** UPDATE ****

Here is the review for Cardio Dance for Beginners


One of my favourite things (yes I know this will reveal me to be a Tracy Anderson mega geek) is when I find out that a NEW Tracy Anderson DVD is going to be released 🙂

So today I’m a happy bunny as according to collage video and dvdland.com.au Tracy will be releasing two new DVDs on 7th October this year. Mat Workout for Beginners and Cardio Dance for Beginners.

I’m trying not to get too excited though as Tracy has been known to repackage and rerelease pre-exisiting workout DVDs, for example the Perfect Design Series, so I’m hoping this isn’t the case. b93baba68853a5112c073be4-2


For the Mat Workout for Beginners this could possibly be a rereleased version of The Method for Beginners– although as it’s under a slightly different name it seems unlikely and it wasn’t too long ago that she released The Method for Beginners so I don’t know why they’d be repackaging it so soon. Also I haven’t seen the photo which is used on the front for any of her other material, whereas with the repackaged Perfect Design series the same pictures were used as when she released her clothing line.


So what do we know about this hopefully new DVD? Well if any of the old packaging is anything to go by we can’t trust what it says on the case. The runtime is a generous 79 minutes, which makes the case’s claim of 3X25 minute workouts believable, plus 4 minutes to spare (maybe an introduction to the DVD?). If the case is to be believed, the dividing of the workouts into 3 segments is similar to Precision Toning, so there’s the possibility that she’s targeting different body parts in each workout, or maybe she’s adopted the same strategy as Teen Meta and made 3 progressive workouts. The length time of 25 minutes is a little confusing as she normally advocates at least 30 minutes of muscular structure a day- perhaps she is being extra lenient with the beginners? Or maybe she just didn’t film enough material, as with metamorphosis some of her workouts are only 27 minutes long.


There’s a possibility that the Cardio Dance for Beginners is a repackaged version of Beginner Dance Cardio. This seems more likely as Beginner Dance Cardio was released quite a while ago although the difference in name makes me think that this is an original DVD.TA - Beginner Dance Cardio

What do we know about this DVD? The runtime is 66 minutes, whereas the Beginner Dance Cardio DVD is only 24 minutes. The runtime also makes the covers claims of 4X15 minute workouts credible.

Why the cardio routines are divided into 15 minutes segments I’m unsure of- her choreographed routines normally last the length of a song, although the non choreographed routines for the 30 day method were 10 minutes each, so maybe this does make sense. Also I completely welcome any new Tracy Anderson dance cardio dvds- especially 60-66minutes worth! When you do 30-60 minutes of dance cardio every day it’s really easy to get bored of the existing material (and your playlist) and while there is an abundance of muscular structure material, cardio lags behind.

According to the cover the workout is “ab sculpting” which is hard to believe from a cardio dvd- unless there’s a standing abs section?

Has anyone heard anymore on these DVDs? I’m excited to find out more information and of course excited about the possibility of buying these new DVDs 🙂

UPDATE! 23rd Aug 2014

Yes these are new Tracy Anderson DVDs- check out the previews:

Every Single Tracy Anderson Cardio Workout

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout