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Country Alone Day 6/12

Half way there!

Mission 1 Keep myself busy & avoid the loneliness: I had planned on going to a Zumba class but in the middle of the night I woke up in excruciating pain so decided to spend the day taking it easy and avoiding any subsequent pain! It seems my body is conspiring against me going to Zumba! I had a nice Skype chat with my Mum & a couple with my bf so that warded off the loneliness.

Mission 2 get lots of stuff done: I didn’t get a lot of things done as was feeling quite fragile but I did start reading Drawing on the Right Side of your Brain- it looks really good so I’m going to buy a pencil and a pad and get started! Before and after pictures will be posted on this site.

Mission 3 Exercise: Due to the awful pain and not wanting to aggravate it anymore I could literally only exercise my arms! So I did 30 minutes of Tracy Anderson arm exercises with both arms, until my right arm really started hurting again due to the pain from the long badminton session on Monday so I did the remaining 30 minutes just with my left arm. It’s pretty pathetic that the only part of my body I can exercise is my left arm but at least I did it- something is better then nothing and I got my 1hrs exercise in, cardio was definitely out of the question!

Here are some of the arm exercises I did:

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