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Tracy Anderson Japan Original Basic

Time: 66 minutes
Areas worked: Arms, legs, stomach and neck
Equipment needed: Chair and hand weights (Tracy uses 3lb, I use 1lb)

One night deep into a Tracy Anderson internet rabbit hole I struck gold- a secret (to those outside of Japan) full length DVD that Tracy had released exclusively in Japan!!!

This DVD is tailored to the Japanese market, the workout is performed barefoot and the moves are actually specifically designed for the bodies of Japanese women. This workout most noticeably differs in that there is a neck section, which Tracy hasn’t included in an of her other workouts.

It’s strange seeing Tracy’s dainty little feet when she’s working out, but it’s actually really helpful as we’re able to see the position of her feet, such as when she’s pointing her toes during the exercises. This makes me wonder why she wears trainers for muscular structure work when she didn’t used to when she first opened her gyms.

There’s a Japanese voice over throughout the DVD but you can still hear Tracy speaking in English in the background, as a bonus if you do this DVD enough you’ll learn how to count to 30 in Japanese!

On the front and back of the DVD Tracy wears berry coloured shorts and matching lipstick, a black bra top and weirdly enough her chunky Chloe wedges, which makes you wonder if there was a stylist for this look.

The DVD comes with a cute little booklet (which I can’t read) which explains each section of the workout and has accompanying pictures of Tracy. Tracy looks super cute wearing a white sports bra and pink shorts with pink lipstick and no tan (perhaps to appeal to the Japanese market?) and in the other pictures she wears a patterned sports bra, black leggings and berry lipstick which is definitely a different look for her.

This DVD is very low budget, it’s shot inside her old New York studio, the lighting doesn’t look great, I question whether a stylist was involved as her workout outfit is a bit haphazard, but then again the poor lighting/picture quality could make the outfit look worse. There is also minimum/no airbrushing on the pictures of Tracy, although it makes the DVD look less professional it’s quite refreshing as you get an idea of what she actually looks like.

During the intro and end of the DVD Tracy speaks to the camera wearing a bikini/small shorts bikini top combo, which is different to how we’re used to seeing her presented. Perhaps it’s an opportunity for her to show the viewers what the results of the method will give you.

This DVD is at the easier end of the Tracy Anderson workout spectrum as there are no ankle weights, no planks and Tracy talks you through every move. There’s a maximum of 30 reps per move and the moves are all very doable, although I was a bit breathless during the first section when performing the chair moves which go from standing to bending over with a leg lift. Other than that there’s one twisty move that feels a bit awkward and the one with the side of your head and your outer arm on the ground but they’re the most challenging that it gets.

This DVD is divided into 9 sections:

  • Leg- which is all standing moves with the chair
  • Butt- these moves are performed on all fours with the chair behind you to perfect the form.
  • Arm- all of these are standing with no weights, although the moves still kill, probably down to the precision
  • Ab/core- these are all standing abs and explained in quite a lot of detail
  • Neck- this section mostly seems to be about keeping your shoulder rolled down and back, I had to skip the rolling neck exercise as it made me feel sick.
  • Mat/leg- in this move there’s an almost plank, but it’s definitely not as hard as a plank- yay!
  • Mat/butt- in this section there’s the move where you’re lying on your outer arm and the side of your head and comedically Tracy says “get comfortable”
  • Mat/arm- these are all performed kneeling on the mat with weights.
  • Mat/ab/core- these are all sit ups performed lying on your back, I really like these moves and how Tracy is able to really isolate certain areas but putting your legs in awkward positions.

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Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

Tracy Anderson’s Method Express

Time: 60 minutes
Areas worked: Arms, legs and stomach
Equipment needed: 1lb weights, 3lb weights, 1lb ankle weights

This DVD is divided into 6X 10 minute sections:

  • Arms
  • Bum
  • Abs
  • Legs
  • Arms and abs combined
  • Bum and legs combined

Although Tracy has previously released DVDs which can be divided up into smaller sections if you’re pressed for time, this is the shortest of each workout at 10 minutes each, Targeted Training Boot Camp has 3X 20 minute sections and Precision Toning has 4X 15 minute sections. Like the other DVDs, although each section can be a complete workout, Tracy prefers you do the whole DVD. I really like that this DVD is divided up into easy to digest chunks, even if you’re planning on doing the full DVD, it’s less intimidating when it’s done in sections.

This workout is set at a beginner/intermediate level as the moves aren’t too challenging, there are low reps; 10-20 reps of each move, it’s at a slow pace and Tracy really breaks down and nurses you through each move. For those of you used to doing streaming, this is a nice change as each of the moves are explained as you go along, however you won’t get as much of a workout as you do with streaming, but it might be good for days when you don’t want to go at full pace.

This DVD is shot in the same strange pretend Greek Island building location (with towels!) as Slim + Sculpt Cardio, is it supposed to be a spa?! It is nice to have the variation of Tracy being shot outside though.

There are a few awkward moments when the music cuts out for a long period of time, then randomly comes back in. You also hear a plane flying over.

Sculpted Arms and Shoulders

All of these moves are performed while standing up and Tracy employs the use of 5lb arm weights (gasp!) we’re not offered an explanation as to why 5lb weights are ok, instead of 3lbs, I’m really eager to find out why!

Tight and Tone Butt

In this section you will need 1lb ankle weights (Tracy says you can use 1.5 or 2.5, but nothing higher than that) and hand weights. I’m surprised to see Tracy performing squats in this section, she seems to be breaking all the rules!

Firm flat abs

There’s no equipment needed for this section. It’s nice to have a whole section dedicated to abs, very often you don’t get a lot of these in Tracy’s workouts, especially streaming, where there’s more focus on legs. I like the ab stretches and the imaginative positions that seem to target everywhere. I actually found this section harder than the butt, I think it was the planks that made it more difficult.

Long lean legs

For this section you’ll need ankle weights. All the moves involve long extensions of the legs- which would explain the title of “long lean legs”. There’s a move which I really like where you’re kneeling and with the other leg you bounce your heel on the floor seems to engage inner thigh muscles. There’s a scary/crazy standing bouncing side lunge move, that made me feel unstable (this is probably what she was planning).

Upper body express

For this section you’ll need 1lb and 3lb hand weights, the 3lb weights are for holding onto while doing the running plank/mountain climbers. Whereas in the first section all the arm moves were performed standing up, in this section you complete the arm moves while standing, on knees and lying down. There are lots of standing abs moves in this section. There is a super tiring move which involves lying on your stomach on the floor, then pushing up into a plank and then alternating with push up and leg lift, thankfully there’s only a few reps.

Lower body express

For this section you’ll need ankle weights. This is actually harder then the other two leg sections, I think it’s because you perform all the moves on one leg before moving onto the other, keeping your leg held up in between so offering no rest unlike the other leg sections where you swap more between moves.

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Tracy Anderson’s Targeted Training Boot Camp

815nhiriekl-_sl1500Time: 58 minutes
Areas worked: ALS
Equipment needed: 1lb hand weight (Tracy uses 3lb weights), 4X ankle weights (Tracy uses 2x 1.5lb & 2X 2.5lb)

This DVD similar to Precision Toning in that the workouts are divided into different sections that each focus on a different body part so if you’re pressed for time you can just complete one of the more bite sized workouts. This DVD is broken into three 20(ish) minute sections: abs, glutes and then finally hips & thighs. You can do each section by itself although Tracy would prefer that you do all the sections together to make it a full workout. Each section involves a warm up and a cool down section and don’t worry arms are included as well.

Although this is called a boot camp the DVD is actually at an intermediate level, with lots of breaks in the workout where Tracy stops to talk you through the moves, so it’s not really a full hour. Although this workout is intermediate, some of the moves are quite unusual so you’ll definitely need to engage your brain.

This workout is filmed in the same industrial/factory setting as Cardio Dance Express, Tracy looks super sleek dressed in black lululemon and her makeup is flawless.

The background music is crazy dance music which doesn’t really fit with Tracy’s slow controlled instructions.


The ab section is good in that there is a lengthy explanation for each move, the reps aren’t too high but that doesn’t mean that some of the moves aren’t challenging.

It’s great that in this workout Tracy talks you through your form, which is really important prep for if you want to progress onto her harder workouts.

In this section Tracy works arms with weights to cool down and stretch at the end,  you can really feel the stretching in the abs, which is nice as Tracy doesn’t always do this in her workouts.

Hips and thighs

Although the moves are a bit complicated/challenging, they’re totally doable, I really love that Tracy acknowledges that the moves appear complicated and explains the reasons for why they are designed as they are. There are only a few moves on each side, so while doing this for the first time and Tracy said there’s only one more move before you switch to the next side I blew a sigh of relief, but then was a bit worried once she’d finished the moves on the other side and decided to add the second ankle weight, but thankfully it was just for a simple standing leg move so wasn’t that painful.


You might wonder why the glutes and hips and thigh sections are separated as surely they’re similar movements as they’re all working your legs, however during the hip & thigh section you can definitely feel it working specifically your hips and after the first glute move you can really feel it working deep in your glutes so Tracy’s definitely doing her job! The first move is killer, Tracy really launches you into it at full force.

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Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

Tracy Anderson’s Slim + Sculpt Cardio


This Tracy Anderson DVD is unique in that it contains two long cardio workouts and one muscular structure workout; normally her DVDs are all cardio (Cardio Dance for Beginners), or all muscular structure (Mat Workout for Beginners), or predominantly muscular structure with some cardio as well (Teen Meta). It’s a bit confusing that this DVD is called “Slim + Sculpt Cardio” when a third of it is a muscular structure workout. This DVD is filmed at the same location as Tracy Anderson Method Express, which looks like a pseudo Greek-island location. Although there doesn’t need to be a justification for new Tracy DVD releases, it seems they’ve tried to differentiate this DVDs, with this one it’s by including a band, which is great as it provides you with all the equipment you need and stops people from being able to do the workout (without buying the equipment) if they find the video online. The soundtrack is the same as the one used on the Xbox Transform workout.

Did someone say they wanted new dances??????? 💚💚💚

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Cardio 1
Time: 20 minutes
Equipment needed: None

More info to follow…

Cardio 2
Time: 18 minutes
Equipment needed: None

More info to follow…

Tracy Anderson’s Cardio DVDs in order

Every Single Tracy Anderson Cardio Workout

Slim + Sculpt 1
Time: 19 minutes
Areas worked: Arms legs and stomach
Equipment needed: Purple band

It’s now nighttime and time to do muscular structure!

This band is a real pain to use (which could be intentional as Tracy wants your brain to involved in the workout). It’s really annoying having to pause and rewind the workout if the band falls off in between moves, and you get the feeling that you’re not being as precise with the movements and angles as you would be if you weren’t using the band as you’re trying to just keep the band on and the tension good. Also if it’s resistance you want, ankle weights already provide you with that without the associated awkwardness. Maybe it’s telling that Tracy doesn’t use this band in her other DVDs/streaming, perhaps this is an at home alternative to the band system she has in the studios, thankfully it doesn’t seem as weak as the metaband

This workout is nice and short, your muscles will get a workout but it won’t be as thorough as her other workouts and also because she’s trying to utilise the band in every move it offers less variety in the moves you’ll do, although she does sneak in some arm moves at the end without the band.

Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure DVDs in order

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

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News on Tracy Anderson’s New Book and DVDs


***UPDATE*** Cardio Dance Express review here

Tracy is bringing out a new book and DVDs- yippee!

In this new clip Tracy talks about the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and her forthcoming book:

I loved her previous book “30 Day Method” which is a godsend for those who want to further immerse themselves in the world of the Tracy Anderson Method and gain clarity of her unique approach to shaping the body. The 30 Day Method gave a backstory to the method and included a 30 day bootcamp with a workout DVD.


Going by the clip it seems that this new book may be similar to Cameron Diaz’s “The Body Book” in that it focuses on looking after yourself as a whole but also champions Tracy’s newer message (the older being “teeny tiny” and “perfection is possible”) to “be your best you”. Be the best you can be, not to aspire to whatever other people have and just mirror whatever habits they may have even though they may not be the best or work for you i.e blindly following celebrity trends. This is such great news for Tracy fans, especially those of us who eagerly read all of her interviews for hopes of more snippets of her wisdom. There’s no release date for this book at the moment and as Tracy says she’s still currently writing it so we may have to wait a while.

The good news though is it’s not long until we get some new DVDs!

Following on from my previous post: New Tracy Anderson DVDs on the Way. These DVDs now have names, covers and are currently due for release on 29th December.


The muscular structure DVD is called “Targeted Training Bootcamp”- I wonder if they struggle to come up with new names?! Going by the name targeted training is probably another way of saying “Precision Toning” in that the workouts will focus on targeting specific areas.

maxresdefaultI’m not really sure what the bootcamp refers to- Tracy initially hosted a bootcamp in New York for members of the public during the period when she was training with Madonna, before Tracy’s career really sky rocketed, but I don’t think this DVD workout is going to be similar. Also her first book “The 30 Day Method” was described by Tracy as a bootcamp book- so a relatively short, intensive, and rigorous course of training, which was certainly true as the muscular structure workouts alone (without cardio) lasted over an hour, with Tracy encouraging you to work up to 60 reps of each move and to do the workout every day with no rest days for the full 30 days. And this DVD includes 3 muscular structure workouts each progressing in difficulty.


So I would be really surprised if those terms could be applied to this forthcoming workout DVD in that most of her stand alone workout DVDs (so not metamorphosis or streaming) are beginner to intermediate levels, not really extreme exercise, I’m thinking they just decided to throw the word “Bootcamp” in there as a catchy term.

Onto the content- this DVD includes “3 focused workouts” which focus on individual areas: Abs, glutes and hips and thighs. So this will be similar to “Precision Toning” and “Method Express” which sections off different workouts to different body parts. In Precision Toning there are 4 individual 15 minute workouts- Arms, Legs, Butt and Abs but Tracy does encourage you if you have the time to combine all the workouts together to make it a full hour. In Method Express there are 6 individual 10 minute workouts- Arms and shoulders, Butt, Abs, Legs, and then Upper body and Lower body, once again if you have the time Tracy encourages you to combine these all together to make your workout a full hour. So I’m guessing that this workout will be an hour divided into 3x 20 minute sections.

Now for all of those panicking that Tracy has forgotten about your arms don’t worry I’m sure that she will include an arm workout/warm up into these workouts.

Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure DVDs in order

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

Onto the cardio DVD:


The new Cardio DVD is called “Cardio Dance Express” they’re really running out of names now! Similar to “Method Express” in that it is (and exactly the same wording) “6 Efficient 10 Minute Workouts”. Other Tracy Anderson cardio DVDs that have been broken into smaller sections are Dance + Cardio which is 2X 30 minute workouts, Cardio Dance for Beginners which is 4X 15 minute workouts and Slim + Sculpt Cardio which is 3X 20 minute workouts but one of them includes muscular structure. So Tracy’s DVDs really seem to currently be targeting the time poor with their options of doing a shorter workout. I wonder how much longer she’ll continue this theme for, now that the workouts have been broken into 30 minute, 20 minute, 15 minute and now 10 minute segments it’s hard to see where she will go from here.

Another question is what sort of cardio will this be? We already know that it’ll be dance cardio but will it be choreographed or “following along” steps like most of her other DVDs of late, or will it be a combination of the two? Can’t wait to see!

Tracy Anderson’s Cardio DVDs in order

Every Single Tracy Anderson Cardio Workout


New Tracy Anderson DVD due March 2015


UPDATE! See Method Express review here

How exciting! Tracy’s releasing a new muscular structure DVD on Friday March 27th. This is currently available at Walmart but if it’s the same workout as the one pictured on her instagram it’ll also be made available at Amazon and Target.

If we are to trust the cover (which history tells us isn’t always accurate) this DVD is 1 hour long and is divided into 6X 10 minute workouts, each workout focusing on a different body part. Tracy’s only other DVD which divides up specific areas of the body into different workouts is Precision Toning which has 4 different workouts (rather then 6) and each one is 15 minutes long. Typically Tracy’s workouts are 30 minutes (Metamorphosis, Transform on Xbox) to 1 hr long (Mat Workout, Perfect Design Series, Live Streaming) but recently she’s been offering some shorter workout options for those pressed for time or beginners (Mat Workout for Beginners at 24 minutes). So each workout being at only 10 minutes long this will be the shortest workouts she’s ever released, despite this Tracy still continues with the message that you will need to build up to at least 30 minutes muscular structure and 30 minutes cardio 6 days a week.

According to the blurb on Walmart you can combine all of these to make a longer workout, which you were also given the option to do with Precision Toning. It also says that you’ll need your 3lb dumbbells and 1.5-2.5lb ankle weights.

I like the accurate descriptions of each workout that are given as these represent what body you can expect if you do the Tracy Anderson Method: “Sculpted arms and shoulders”, “tight and tone butt” I don’t know if that’s supposed to read “tight and TONED butt”, “firm flat abs” “long lean legs” with the last two workouts focusing on either the upper or the lower body.

I’m looking forward to hearing more about this DVD and it being released 🙂


UPDATE!!!! A couple of preview videos have been released

From watching the previews we can see that the video is shot outside, not in a studio- her only other exercises releases that are shot outside are the XBOX transform series and year 4 of metamorphosis. I think shooting outside worked better on the transform series as it was in Hawaii the weather was really good and it was a lovely backdrop, whereas in this clip it just looks a bit grey and overcast. I also don’t really know where she’s supposed to be- she looks like she’s in a fake building impersonating something from a Greek Island…… with towels outside….. it’s really odd. The sound quality is also really bad- you can hear background noise- such as a plane flying over as well as either wind or traffic and it keeps cutting out. Also from watching the previews it seems a bit strange as sometimes there’s music playing and other times it isn’t which seems inconsistent. Although it is refreshing to see Tracy outside, I think if it’s not in a sunny location I’d rather see her in a well lit studio. You can see that Tracy gives detailed instructions throughout the workout and she says this DVD is aimed at any fitness level so it would be suitable for beginners/intermediate levels.

Tracy Anderson’s Muscular Structure DVDs in Order

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout



Stacey Nemour’s Secrets of Splits and Flexibility 1


Time: 58 minutes (although this is increased if you want to hold a stretch for longer which Stacey encourages)
Areas worked: Legs
Equipment needed: Yoga strap (I used a resistance band), ankle weights, a chair, a wall and someone to help you

In terms of flexibility I am pretty flexible, however where I fall back is the flexibility in my calves as I’m unable to get my feet flat on the floor while doing downward facing dog and I’ve never ever been able to do the splits and I’ve really really wanted to!

Previous attempts at getting flexible enough to do the splits have included:

  • Doing splits stretches twice daily that I found online- this did actually help me get closer to the splits but I ended up getting out of the routine before I managed the splits completely.
  • Buying “Der Grosse Spagat” DVD- a German DVD guiding you into doing the splits. This was the only splits dvd available that I could find online at the time. It wasn’t a very user friendly DVD as it was low quality, translated from German and was aimed at people in the martial arts, consequently I did occasionally do this DVD but I never really got into it.

I first heard about Stacey’s DVD through a facebook group so decided to do a bit of research by browsing Stacey’s website and checking out her online videos. I also asked Stacey a couple of questions on her facebook page including some advice about improving the flexibility in my calves and she got back to me quickly and seemed very helpful and genuine so I decided to purchase this DVD.

Before trying the DVD out I tried some of her knee exercises that I found online and I’ve found they’ve definitely helped ease the pain that I get in my knees sometimes so I now do these on a daily basis.

From doing this DVD I can tell you that Stacey is lovely! Very warm, smily, zen and ultra gorgeous- but she’s so nice it’s not intimidating. She reminds me of Raquel Welsh but still seems very approachable and open.

I did the DVD the for the first time this evening. Yesterday I did a particularly gruelling workout which has been haunting me all day- I literally ached everywhere and had difficulty walking up and downstairs and going from standing up to sitting down and vise versa, so my thinking was that with that much muscle tenderness in my body I should really feel the effects of the DVD. Miraculously the first few quad exercises really sorted the pain that I had been experiencing out in that area, that my previous stretching attempts had failed to get rid of.

The stretches progress in difficulty and a few of them you’ll definitely be familiar with. Although the final few exercises were REALLY hard, I found most of the exercises to be pretty easy which is comforting, hopefully that means I wont have far to go until I master those elusive splits!

Stacey’s approach to becoming more flexible isn’t just about stretching, she also works on exhausting the muscles so it’s easier to release them into a stretch- this is what she uses the ankle weights are for. Stacey advises using 5lb ankle weights but I’m just sticking to 1lb weights for the time being (Tracy Anderson has brainwashed me!)

Stacey wears trainers for the DVD but as my trainers are quite big (Nike air max) it’s actually easier without wearing them.

As you get towards the end of the DVD you know you’re nearing that terrifying (and potentially painful!) moment where you have to get into the splits, which is pretty daunting, but I’m trying not be too intimidated by it from now on as Stacey encourages positive thinking and visualisation to get your goals.

Lying in bed now having completed the DVD I feel more stretched in areas than I ever have before and feel like my legs are floating!

I would definitely recommend this DVD; I normally do pilates, yoga, or the Tracy Anderson Method so it’s nice to have a break and do something different that is purely stretching and reaching you towards a flexibility goal.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress and let you know if I ever manage that wondrous moment of achieving the splits!


Here’s some progress pics from just before I did the DVD for the first time and my 10th attempt with the DVD. I’ve learnt that being in a warm room definitely helps.

splits splits1 splits3splits2splits4


Up until now I had been doing the DVD about once every 6 days, so from now on I will try and do it every day.

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