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Tracy Anderson’s Method Express

Time: 60 minutes
Areas worked: Arms, legs and stomach
Equipment needed: 1lb weights, 3lb weights, 1lb ankle weights

This DVD is divided into 6X 10 minute sections:

  • Arms
  • Bum
  • Abs
  • Legs
  • Arms and abs combined
  • Bum and legs combined

Although Tracy has previously released DVDs which can be divided up into smaller sections if you’re pressed for time, this is the shortest of each workout at 10 minutes each, Targeted Training Boot Camp has 3X 20 minute sections and Precision Toning has 4X 15 minute sections. Like the other DVDs, although each section can be a complete workout, Tracy prefers you do the whole DVD. I really like that this DVD is divided up into easy to digest chunks, even if you’re planning on doing the full DVD, it’s less intimidating when it’s done in sections.

This workout is set at a beginner/intermediate level as the moves aren’t too challenging, there are low reps; 10-20 reps of each move, it’s at a slow pace and Tracy really breaks down and nurses you through each move. For those of you used to doing streaming, this is a nice change as each of the moves are explained as you go along, however you won’t get as much of a workout as you do with streaming, but it might be good for days when you don’t want to go at full pace.

This DVD is shot in the same strange pretend Greek Island building location (with towels!) as Slim + Sculpt Cardio, is it supposed to be a spa?! It is nice to have the variation of Tracy being shot outside though.

There are a few awkward moments when the music cuts out for a long period of time, then randomly comes back in. You also hear a plane flying over.

Sculpted Arms and Shoulders

All of these moves are performed while standing up and Tracy employs the use of 5lb arm weights (gasp!) we’re not offered an explanation as to why 5lb weights are ok, instead of 3lbs, I’m really eager to find out why!

Tight and Tone Butt

In this section you will need 1lb ankle weights (Tracy says you can use 1.5 or 2.5, but nothing higher than that) and hand weights. I’m surprised to see Tracy performing squats in this section, she seems to be breaking all the rules!

Firm flat abs

There’s no equipment needed for this section. It’s nice to have a whole section dedicated to abs, very often you don’t get a lot of these in Tracy’s workouts, especially streaming, where there’s more focus on legs. I like the ab stretches and the imaginative positions that seem to target everywhere. I actually found this section harder than the butt, I think it was the planks that made it more difficult.

Long lean legs

For this section you’ll need ankle weights. All the moves involve long extensions of the legs- which would explain the title of “long lean legs”. There’s a move which I really like where you’re kneeling and with the other leg you bounce your heel on the floor seems to engage inner thigh muscles. There’s a scary/crazy standing bouncing side lunge move, that made me feel unstable (this is probably what she was planning).

Upper body express

For this section you’ll need 1lb and 3lb hand weights, the 3lb weights are for holding onto while doing the running plank/mountain climbers. Whereas in the first section all the arm moves were performed standing up, in this section you complete the arm moves while standing, on knees and lying down. There are lots of standing abs moves in this section. There is a super tiring move which involves lying on your stomach on the floor, then pushing up into a plank and then alternating with push up and leg lift, thankfully there’s only a few reps.

Lower body express

For this section you’ll need ankle weights. This is actually harder then the other two leg sections, I think it’s because you perform all the moves on one leg before moving onto the other, keeping your leg held up in between so offering no rest unlike the other leg sections where you swap more between moves.

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Tracy Anderson’s Targeted Training Boot Camp

815nhiriekl-_sl1500Time: 58 minutes
Areas worked: ALS
Equipment needed: 1lb hand weight (Tracy uses 3lb weights), 4X ankle weights (Tracy uses 2x 1.5lb & 2X 2.5lb)

This DVD similar to Precision Toning in that the workouts are divided into different sections that each focus on a different body part so if you’re pressed for time you can just complete one of the more bite sized workouts. This DVD is broken into three 20(ish) minute sections: abs, glutes and then finally hips & thighs. You can do each section by itself although Tracy would prefer that you do all the sections together to make it a full workout. Each section involves a warm up and a cool down section and don’t worry arms are included as well.

Although this is called a boot camp the DVD is actually at an intermediate level, with lots of breaks in the workout where Tracy stops to talk you through the moves, so it’s not really a full hour. Although this workout is intermediate, some of the moves are quite unusual so you’ll definitely need to engage your brain.

This workout is filmed in the same industrial/factory setting as Cardio Dance Express, Tracy looks super sleek dressed in black lululemon and her makeup is flawless.

The background music is crazy dance music which doesn’t really fit with Tracy’s slow controlled instructions.


The ab section is good in that there is a lengthy explanation for each move, the reps aren’t too high but that doesn’t mean that some of the moves aren’t challenging.

It’s great that in this workout Tracy talks you through your form, which is really important prep for if you want to progress onto her harder workouts.

In this section Tracy works arms with weights to cool down and stretch at the end,  you can really feel the stretching in the abs, which is nice as Tracy doesn’t always do this in her workouts.

Hips and thighs

Although the moves are a bit complicated/challenging, they’re totally doable, I really love that Tracy acknowledges that the moves appear complicated and explains the reasons for why they are designed as they are. There are only a few moves on each side, so while doing this for the first time and Tracy said there’s only one more move before you switch to the next side I blew a sigh of relief, but then was a bit worried once she’d finished the moves on the other side and decided to add the second ankle weight, but thankfully it was just for a simple standing leg move so wasn’t that painful.


You might wonder why the glutes and hips and thigh sections are separated as surely they’re similar movements as they’re all working your legs, however during the hip & thigh section you can definitely feel it working specifically your hips and after the first glute move you can really feel it working deep in your glutes so Tracy’s definitely doing her job! The first move is killer, Tracy really launches you into it at full force.

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Tracy Anderson Video Streaming for Beginners Week 2

Trainer Breakdownimg_6262

This week’s breakdown is taken by lovely Maria Davidson who cued Tracy in the class. This week’s breakdown is really thorough and also includes details for the abs section which is sometimes left without a breakdown. Like Stacey in week one, Maria offers modifications for the moves. These are for the standing legs section and part of the floor leg workout. Maria is so graceful, flexible and good at moving, and really involves her whole body so it’s really inspiring to work out to and makes you realise that no part of you is static in any of the moves, everything’s really involved, which makes it all the more difficult! Not just physically but mentally you have to be so much more aware and not switch off.

Time: 49 minutes
Areas worked: Arms, legs and stomach
Equipment needed: 1lb weights hand weights, 1lb ankle weights, extra support for your knees if you need it

This workout has progressed from week one in that Tracy employs the use of ankle weights, although not all the way through the leg series like she does in her advanced masterclasses and she only wears an ankle weight on the working leg, this is until you get to the abs section where you have an ankle weight on each leg. Like the first beginners class the arms are quite slow and basic and the legs aren’t too challenging. I like that the leg section begins with standing legs which is a nice variation and really means you have to work on your balance. In the breakdown section Maria suggests that you can use something to support yourself while doing these moves which I foolishly sneered at but when following the moves up to tempo in class there were a couple of times when I had to drop the leg I was supposed to be working back down. Even though the moves are all pretty easy, there are a couple of moves that are mean on the knees! So you may want to get some extra support for them; there’s one where you’re shifting backwards and forwards from balancing on your knee and another where you have to do that horrible swivel move on your knee. The abs moves aren’t immediately obvious as there isn’t any crunches or standing abs, but they’re working during the section when you’re leaning back on your forearms and lifting your legs in front of you and the leg move near the end where you’re pulsing in and out. Out of all of the areas worked you’ll feel it most on your hips.

The playlist is quite fun, it includes an upbeat Avril Lavigne track and old skool Britney.

I really enjoyed this class, unfortunately due to a health condition I’m not able to regularly do as much exercise as I’d like to so when I do a longer workout I do find that I have to take some breaks (especially when I did the Transform series- that was killer!) but this was actually really easy and I didn’t have to take any breaks, it was also much easier than level 1 of Metarmorphosis.

Tracy Anderson Video Streaming for Beginners Week 1

Tracy Anderson Video Streaming

Tracy Anderson Streaming TAVA

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5lb Ankle Weights

424000-zoomI’ve gone back to the dark side!!! Since being introduced to Tracy I’d stuck rigidly to using 1lb ankle weights, but after years of mourning the loss of my glutes I’ve introduced Ashley Black’s rear building exercise into my routine. With this exercise I’ve been building up the weights and today I was ready to invest in some heavier ankle weights. I bought these Spri 5lb Ankle Wrap Weights from Rebel Sports and I’ve got to tell you these are monsters!!! They feel nice and secure, there’s no chance of them falling off and definitely do the job, but with heavier weights you have to make sure that you’re focusing on the muscle you want to target instead of using whichever muscles you can to help out to lift the weight.

Tracy Anderson’s Metamorphosis Days 1-90.

imageWith the first round of Tracy Anderson’s Metamorphosis you will receive a cardio DVD and 9 different muscular structure workouts. These DVDs are far better produced then any of Tracy’s previous DVDs- the set is big, light, airy and refreshing and Tracy changes her outfit for almost every new workout, Tracy also SMILES a lot! Previously she was a little pouty, I know this was just because she was concentrating! I certainly don’t look good while exercising. The music is great! Kind of cool 80s sounding with a good bass, definite good workout music. With this DVD you have the great option of being able to adjust the audio options- full audio mix, music only and Tracy’s voice only (for when you get sick of the music but you still need some direction). Tracy’s cues are given via voiceover, which is good as you can tell that Tracy is entirely focused and in the zone and isn’t having to slow her pace to explain the moves.

Here’s the break down:


Cardio time: 29 minutes
Equipment needed: None

The cardio routine is similar to the 30 day method in that it’s “freestyle” cardio, so it’s unchoreographed, although it is more difficult as there isn’t as much step touching nor is there a standing abs section in the cardio.

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Muscular Structure

Although Tracy doesn’t use ankle weights in these routines in the literature that accompanies the DVDs it says that if you want to speed the rate of your results you can increase your cardio to 60 minutes and/or add ankle weights for the muscular structure sections. These workouts are really doable because they’re only about 30 minutes long, whereas her previous DVDs were about 50 minutes long. The muscular workouts are structured as follows: Arms without weights, arms with weights, floor abs, right leg, left leg.


More info to follow for all muscular structure sections

Days 1-10
Time: 28 minutes
Areas worked: Arms, legs, stomach
Equipment needed: 1lb weights, 1lb ankle weights

Thankfully Tracy starts off relatively easy- no planks! This is by no means as beginner as Tracy gets but it’s definitely on the easier end of the spectrum. The arms are easy peasy, the abs are pretty basic, although I could still feel them working. The leg moves you should especially feel in your hip/waist area. It’s not that the moves are difficult it’s the 40 reps that seem to make it difficult. The first 4 moves are definitely harder then the final 2 moves which are lovely and easy, so you have those to look forward to as you near the end of each leg set. Because the workout is only 28 minutes long, even though some of the moves are a bit challenging you know that the workout will soon be over so it makes it doable.

Notes on leg moves:

All fours knee touch floor forward then butt lift 40 40
Knee fanned out extend on that line 40 40
Hydrant but lean forward kick back twice 40 40
Leg out to side bounce and bring in 40 40
Side lunge bring knee in 40 40
Side lunge stretch in and out 20 20

Days 11-20
Time: 32 minutes
Areas worked: Arms, legs, stomach
Equipment needed: 1lb weights, 1lb ankle weights

Notes on leg moves:
all fours hand behind back knee out to the side and back then extend behind 20 20
cross leg behind knee and extend out to the side on a diagonal 40 40
hold foot and extend to superman 40 22!
plank foot on floor lift leg bent lift leg straight 15 15
plank forearms lift leg diagonally 40 40
on side lift leg straight out in front move to ceiling and then have behind other leg twice 20 16
on side go into star 40 27

Right side: 22:15-31:48= 9:33
Left side: 11:19-22:15= 10:56. Add on 1:23 + 32:20 = 33:43

Days 21-30
Time: 30 minutes
Areas worked: Arms, legs, stomach
Equipment needed: 1lb weights, 1lb ankle weights

Days 31-40
Time: 30 minutes
Areas worked: Arms, legs, stomach
Equipment needed: 1lb weights, 1lb ankle weights

Notes on leg moves:
All fours lift alt arm them alt leg 39. 35
Plank walk lift leg 15. 18
Hold foot with opposite leg and then bring to the side 29. 29
Foot out behind you diagonal lift leg bent lift leg straight 37. 39
On forearm bring same foot and arm in together 38 40
On forearms knee fanned out lift 37. 39

Days 41-50
Time: 33 minutes
Areas worked: Arms, legs, stomach
Equipment needed: 1lb weights, 1lb ankle weights

Notes on leg moves:
knee inverted and forward of other knee extend in that direction 40 42
Knee out to side bent, knee out to side straight and bend on forearm 40 40
Forearm on mat, opposite leg lunge and pulse twice 30 30
One leg straight back lift in attitude kick behind twice 30 (15:44-16:55 1:11) 20(27:26-28:32 1:06)
Toe touch floor sweep around 30 30
Plank one foot over the other bring out to the side (oblique) 20 20
Elbows and knees bring leg up in attitude 40 40

Days 51-60
Time: 33 minutes
Areas worked: Arms, legs, stomach
Equipment needed: Ankle weights 1lb ankle weights

Days 61-70
Time: 33 minutes
Areas worked: Arms, legs, stomach
Equipment needed :Ankle weights 1lb ankle weights

Notes on leg moves:
push up, one knee hit floor 2 different anles then kick up behind 28. 30
same position knee on floor lift then straight leg lift 30. 30
on forearm and hand just knees on floor fanned out lift opposite arm and leg 19. 23
1 forearm on ground, other hand on ground, knees on ground lift back to plank and lift leg 30. 30.
hands and knee extend back diagonally across other leg behind lift and return to hydrant. 40. 40 26:28-28:29 (2:01)
hand and knee on floor opposite leg out behind and other hand holding elbow bend knee turned out and lift calf 40. 40.
lying on back hands behind legs, one leg straight, other bent, extend into a star 40. 39
lying back on forearms lift one leg over the other (inner thigh) 20. 20

Days 71-80
Time: 32 minutes
Areas worked: Arms, legs, stomach
Equipment needed: Ankle weights 1lb ankle weights

Days 81-90
Time: 32 minutes
Areas worked: Arms, legs, stomach
Equipment needed: Ankle weights 1lb ankle weights

Tracy Anderson’s Muscular Structure DVDs in Order

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Tracy Anderson TAVA Handclap

img_6154Breakdown time: 1 minute
Cardio time: 1 minute
Equipment needed: None

In week 95 of streaming we got this fun dance. I like that the music matches the choreography of the dance- handclaps performed to Fitz and the Tantrums “Handclap”. This dance is performed in the newishly opened Church Street studio. This dance is quite simple, although I say that having not mastered it the first time around!  There isn’t a thorough breakdown but hopefully the simplicity of the dance makes up for it. There is quite a bit of jumping so it’s not as low impact as I would like, but thankfully it’s not all the way through. The positive energy from the trainers is a definite bonus and love that one of them’s English 🙂

Tracy Anderson TAVA LDN

Tracy Anderson TAVA D.R.A.M. Cha Cha

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Tracy Anderson Transform 1


Tracy Anderson’s Transform series was created exclusively for Xbox One Fitness. The Transform series is similar to Metamorphosis in that every day you do one of the 30 minute cardio components and one of the 30 minute strength/muscular structure components and these progress in difficulty with each level. In each Transform series there are three strength levels and one cardio level.

These workouts were shot in Hawaii during one of the first vitality weeks (I think it was actually called a detox week at the time) not long after Tracy had Penny. Tracy is white blonde and tanned so she looks like a cute baby chick.

Level 1
Time: 29 minutes
Areas worked: Arms, legs and stomach
Equipment needed: None

It probably wasn’t a good idea that I did this for the first time following a gruelling cardio workout after not doing any cardio or leg exercises for about a month.

The arm section is much more ridged and staccato like then we’re used to from Tracy, usually her movements are more graceful and flowing. This could be to enable to xbox sensor to more easily read the movements. Also the moves don’t change every few reps like she normally does in streaming, which makes them easier to follow along. The xbox workout is also aimed at men (as well as women) so the moves are slightly more bulking then her usual work.

The arm section is pretty easy, the leg section is murder- well for someone who unfortunately isn’t able to do Tracy/exercise that regularly. It’s hard to believe that this is level one as there are 5 different plank moves and multiple full body moves like push ups. She really doesn’t take any prisoners! Thankfully the reps aren’t too crazy, it’s about 30 reps per move. Some of the moves are a bit easier, there’s a cool flexibility move although it still involves a lot of movement. In quite a few of the moves Tracy struggles with her supporting leg footing, you can see her foot slowly sliding back on the mat on each rep, so she’s constantly readjusting where her foot is, so if you have this problem too at least you’ll know what to do to sort it.

Getting to the ab moves at the end is such a blissful relief, they’re so much easier than the full body moves.

The following day after doing this workout my glute muscles felt so sore!

Level 2
Time: 22 minutes
Areas worked: Arms, legs and stomach
Equipment needed: Hand weights- Tracy isn’t specific about the weight of the weights, only that you’re able to perform the moves up to tempo and use proper form while still challenging yourself

More details to follow

Level 3
Time: 30 minutes
Areas worked: Arms, legs and stomach
Equipment needed: Hand weights- Tracy isn’t specific about the weight of the weights, only that you’re able to perform the moves up to tempo and use proper form while still challenging yourself

More details to follow

Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure DVDs in order

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

Tracy Anderson Workout Add Ons

Time: 35 minutes
Equipment needed: None

Tracy Anderson’s Cardio DVDs in order

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