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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Exercise Routine 10/10

Time: 6 minutes
Areas worked: Legs
Equipment needed: Stick

Tracy demonstrates 3 moves that incorporate a broomstick handle. I really like these moves, apart from making sure the stick stays touching the ground they’re not too challenging. Watching this workout it’s hard to believe that Bethenny works out at the Tracy Anderson studios as her form is so bad! What must she be doing there?! There’s a horrible awkward bit at the end where Bethenny grabs Tracy’s bum and you can just see that Tracy feels really uncomfortable about it and gets giggly and embarrassed. ūüė¶

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Exercise Routine 1/10

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Exercise Routine 2/10

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Exercise Routine 3/10

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Exercise Routine 4/10

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Exercise Routine 5/10

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Exercise Routine 6/10

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Exercise Routine 7/10

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Exercise Routine 8/10

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Exercise Routine 9/10

Gwyneth Paltrow Dance Cardio

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

Tracy Anderson Nate Berkus

Time: 8 minutes
Areas worked: Arms and legs
Equipment needed: 2 dinner plates (+ 2 smaller plates for guys) and a broom

As easy at it looks and coming from someone who regularly does 100 reps of some of Tracy’s arm exercises the plate exercises are HARD! I really struggled to do the 50 reps (don’t worry I managed it!) but it was hard. The standing leg move that incorporates the broom is pretty tricky and you have to watch your balance but at least it’s not painful. I did this using a broom with the brush on the end (copying Tracy) but I wonder if you can just use a broom stick like Tracy has done in her more recent workouts. With the broom end make that much difference?

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

Net a Porter Fit for Fashion with Tracy Anderson How to get a Toned Torso

Time: 6 minutes
Areas worked: Stomach and legs
Equipment needed: Broom stick

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Tracy makes this look incredibly easy, but it isn’t. With the first move I could really feel it working my stomach muscles and so Tracy’s definitely mastered the brain body connection as you really have to concentrate on balancing the stick on your legs- much more difficult then other balancing devices like stability balls. The second move is more difficult, I fell over a few times doing this- it’s made easier if when you put the end of the stick on the floor you put it out as far as possible from where your knee is.

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

Net a Porter Fit for Fashion with Tracy Anderson How to get Sculpted Shoulders

Time: 3 minutes
Areas worked: Arms
Equipment needed: Wrist weights and a broom stick

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After excitedly purchasing my broom stick (I must be the weirdest girl in the world) this was my first Tracy Anderson workout I tried with the broom stick. It’s amazing that a workout that involves 3 simple moves, low reps and such little weight was so difficult! I felt more exhausted then had I been lifting 10KG weights! That’s the genius of Tracy’s moves! I really enjoyed that it was so challenging and I’m looking forward to mastering the routine.

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

Broom stick/handle


The latest tool in Tracy Anderson’s exercise routines the hi tech, sophisticated…. broomstick! Tracy uses the stick to further challenge your balance and isolate certain muscles thus firing the brains connection with the body. I have only tried one routine so far with the broom stick but with such seemingly simple moves it was surprisingly effective and I’m looking forward to using it more.

When there was first mention of the broomstick cosmo said that it would be made available on Tracy Anderson’s website and I had images of a gorgeous pink stick with Tracy’s name on it, but sadly this was never made available. Or maybe it was lucky that this was never made available as I probably would’ve bought one and wasted lots of money on shipping etc when you can just buy one from your local hardware store! Mine cost $7.50 (Australian dollars).

Workouts that include the broom stick:

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