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Tracy Anderson 1 minute Legs

Time: 1 minute
Areas worked: Legs
Equipment needed: Ankle weights

As Tracy moves go this isn’t too challenging, although it will get your heart rate up and you’ll get a nice stretch too.

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout


Tracy Anderson Keeping Joints Flexible

Time: 4 minutes
Areas worked: Legs
Equipment needed: None

This is so easy and relaxing, it’s just all stretching, which is unique coming from Tracy. It’s great that Tracy does all the reps.

Other videos in the Reimagine Series: Creating Circulation, Balance is Key

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

Tracy Anderson Health Magazine Stretch


Time: 1 minute
Areas worked: Legs
Equipment needed: None

Tracy seems to be getting more into yoga- she’s introduced acro yoga classes into her studio, she recently did a yoga session for Gaiam and those who do her streaming will have noticed that she’s combining moves like triangle pose and half chair half ankle to knee pose regularly into her workouts. This little stretch is pretty satisfying especially as you need to keep your hand on your foot the entire time so it pushes your range of motion and works your balance. Tracy did a few reps of this move in Week 21 of streaming (skip to 34 minutes in).

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

Stacey Nemour’s Secrets of Splits and Flexibility 1


Time: 58 minutes (although this is increased if you want to hold a stretch for longer which Stacey encourages)
Areas worked: Legs
Equipment needed: Yoga strap (I used a resistance band), ankle weights, a chair, a wall and someone to help you

In terms of flexibility I am pretty flexible, however where I fall back is the flexibility in my calves as I’m unable to get my feet flat on the floor while doing downward facing dog and I’ve never ever been able to do the splits and I’ve really really wanted to!

Previous attempts at getting flexible enough to do the splits have included:

  • Doing splits stretches twice daily that I found online- this did actually help me get¬†closer to the splits but I ended up getting out of the routine before I managed the splits completely.
  • Buying “Der Grosse Spagat” DVD- a German DVD guiding you into doing the splits. This was the only splits dvd available that I could find online at the time. It wasn’t a very user friendly DVD¬†as it was low quality, translated from German and was aimed at people in the martial arts, consequently¬†I did occasionally do this DVD but I never really got into it.

I first heard about Stacey’s DVD through a facebook group so decided to do a bit of research by browsing Stacey’s website and checking out her online videos. I also asked Stacey a couple of questions on her facebook page including some advice about improving the flexibility in my calves and she got back to me quickly and seemed very helpful and genuine so I decided to purchase this DVD.

Before trying the DVD out I tried some of her knee exercises that I found online and I’ve found they’ve definitely helped ease the pain that I get in my knees sometimes so I now do these on a daily basis.

From doing this DVD I can tell you that Stacey is lovely! Very warm, smily, zen and¬†ultra gorgeous- but she’s so nice it’s not intimidating. She reminds me of Raquel Welsh but still seems very approachable and open.

I did the DVD the for the first time this evening. Yesterday I did a particularly gruelling workout which has been haunting me all day- I literally ached everywhere and had difficulty walking up and downstairs and going from standing up to sitting down and vise versa, so my thinking was that with that much muscle tenderness in my body I should really feel the effects of the DVD. Miraculously the first few quad exercises really sorted the pain that I had been experiencing out in that area, that my previous stretching attempts had failed to get rid of.

The stretches progress in difficulty and a few of them you’ll definitely be familiar with. Although the final few exercises were REALLY hard, I found most of the exercises to be pretty¬†easy which is comforting, hopefully that means I wont have far to go until I master those elusive splits!

Stacey’s approach to becoming more flexible isn’t just about stretching, she also works on exhausting the muscles so it’s easier to release them into a stretch- this is what she uses the ankle weights are for. Stacey advises using 5lb ankle weights but I’m just sticking to 1lb weights for the time being (Tracy Anderson has brainwashed me!)

Stacey wears trainers for the DVD but as my trainers are quite big (Nike air max) it’s actually easier without wearing them.

As you get towards the end of the DVD you know you’re nearing that terrifying (and potentially painful!) moment where you have to get into the splits, which is pretty daunting, but I’m trying not be too intimidated by it from now on as¬†Stacey encourages positive thinking and visualisation to get your goals.

Lying in bed now having completed the DVD I feel more stretched in areas than I ever have before and feel like my legs are floating!

I would definitely recommend this DVD; I normally do pilates, yoga, or the Tracy Anderson Method so it’s nice to have a break and do something different that is purely stretching and reaching you towards a flexibility goal.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress and let you know if I ever manage that wondrous moment of achieving the splits!


Here’s¬†some progress pics from just before I did the DVD for the first time¬†and my 10th attempt with the DVD. I’ve learnt that being in a warm room definitely helps.

splits splits1 splits3splits2splits4


Up until now I had been doing the DVD about once every 6 days, so from now on I will try and do it every day.

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

Foam rolling routine


My friend Dawn introduced me to this helpful foam rolling video! It’s great because it covers all areas of your body (11 different areas) and lets you know the basic dos and don’ts of foam rolling- don’t roll over a joint or on your lower back or stomach.

All the moves seem pretty good- the IT band stretch is pretty painful- but supposedly in a good way?! I literally thought I was going to cry when I did it especially with the pressure points on my foam roller. For the inner thigh move I didn’t feel anything at all- I think this may be down to Tracy Anderson not really overworking the inner thigh muscles. The upper back section feels¬†AMAZING, I literally could just lie there rolling it for ages!

You can foam roll every day if you like there’s no such thing as over foam rolling! And it’s probably a good thing to do every day that you exercise

I timed myself doing this and it took 24 minutes- obviously you can spend as much time as you like on each area.

Tracy Anderson Warm Ups

Rodney Yee’s AM and PM Yoga for Beginners.


After buying an advanced yoga and pilates DVD and discovering that I couldn’t master the downward dog pose with my heels flat on the floor I decided to buy Rodney Yee’s yoga for beginners. Sadly I purchased the WRONG Rodney Yee beginners yoga dvd- I had seen clips of one that demonstrated how to do the downward dog and thought it was this was but it turns out I was mistaken so I will be purchasing the other DVD.¬†I also own Rodney Yee’s advanced and intermediate yoga dvds. The advanced hip opening is by far my favourite yoga routine and ¬†is probably one of my all time favourite exercise routines ever, it’s challenging without being impossible and you feel brilliant afterwards. This DVD is made up of two different workouts- AM Energise sequence and PM Unwind sequence. There are also two meditation sequences again AM and PM.

AM Yoga
Time: 26 minutes
Areas worked: Legs
Equipment needed: None

Today I did the AM yoga sequence for the first time. It was fairly relaxing, I didn’t feel particularly energised afterwards, but then again I had been up for several hours, maybe it’s best tried when you first wake. As you can expect with a beginners dvd the moves aren’t particularly challenging- although they do have downward facing dog which I am yet to master. The standing stretching poses feel good, I am less of a fan of the “Strong” poses as I’m terrified of my thighs bulking and it feels uncomfortable. I still hold Rodney’s Advanced Hip opening sequence as my favourite, but I will continue to use this sequence in my yoga routine rotation.

PM Yoga
Time: 26 minutes
Areas worked: Legs
Equipment needed: Yoga strap/ribbon

PM Yoga is designed to help you unwind at the end of the day and release any tension before you go to sleep. It works. As it’s a beginner level the moves aren’t very challenging, but you still feel completely relaxed and nicely stretched.

The PM yoga session is presented by ColleenI always thought that Rodney was the master of yoga and Colleen was just his beautiful sidekick who’d lucked out on appearing in his yoga videos because of their relationship. however I have to say I actually prefer Colleen! Her voice is soothing and her explanations are more detailed and easy to understand then Rodney’s. I particularly like the breathing instruction given through out the workout as after having a build up of stress or just a prolonged period without relaxation you forget how to breathe. Post workout I felt calm and relaxed. My mind was clear, my head felt released of tension, my posture was better and my earlier slight headache had gone! I will be recommending this to my overworked stressed fiance as this will definitely improve his general wellbeing. Thank you Colleen! I felt like I’ve had a hug on the inside and I was wrapped up under a nice comfy duvet. I also found it hard to consider doing any other exercise after doing this DVD so I’ll make sure I do all my extra stretching and facial exercises prior to yoga in future.

Advanced Yoga with Rodney Yee

Rodney Yee’s Yoga for Beginners

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout