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Tracy Anderson CaTApult Arms

anderson-arms-rawTime: 1 minute
Areas worked: Arms
Equipment needed: None

Yes I know it’s an ultra short video, but any content is great, non?

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

Tracy Anderson Balance is Key

s455276621Time: 4 minutes
Areas worked: Arms and legs
Equipment needed: None

I think that Tracy taking the time to record these videos for reimagine was a really nice thing to do. Although I personally haven’t experienced not being connected to myself, I’ve heard that a lot of people experience it when they’re unwell, their hormones are changing or they’re pregnant/have just had a baby. This is full of lots nice stretches and it doesn’t really feel like a workout, except maybe in your arms. In one of the moves the move isn’t quite the same on both sides- she misses the dip and the reps aren’t the same for a few of the moves either.

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Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

Tracy Anderson Video Streaming for Beginners Week 2

Trainer Breakdownimg_6262

This week’s breakdown is taken by lovely Maria Davidson who cued Tracy in the class. This week’s breakdown is really thorough and also includes details for the abs section which is sometimes left without a breakdown. Like Stacey in week one, Maria offers modifications for the moves. These are for the standing legs section and part of the floor leg workout. Maria is so graceful, flexible and good at moving, and really involves her whole body so it’s really inspiring to work out to and makes you realise that no part of you is static in any of the moves, everything’s really involved, which makes it all the more difficult! Not just physically but mentally you have to be so much more aware and not switch off.

Time: 49 minutes
Areas worked: Arms, legs and stomach
Equipment needed: 1lb weights hand weights, 1lb ankle weights, extra support for your knees if you need it

This workout has progressed from week one in that Tracy employs the use of ankle weights, although not all the way through the leg series like she does in her advanced masterclasses and she only wears an ankle weight on the working leg, this is until you get to the abs section where you have an ankle weight on each leg. Like the first beginners class the arms are quite slow and basic and the legs aren’t too challenging. I like that the leg section begins with standing legs which is a nice variation and really means you have to work on your balance. In the breakdown section Maria suggests that you can use something to support yourself while doing these moves which I foolishly sneered at but when following the moves up to tempo in class there were a couple of times when I had to drop the leg I was supposed to be working back down. Even though the moves are all pretty easy, there are a couple of moves that are mean on the knees! So you may want to get some extra support for them; there’s one where you’re shifting backwards and forwards from balancing on your knee and another where you have to do that horrible swivel move on your knee. The abs moves aren’t immediately obvious as there isn’t any crunches or standing abs, but they’re working during the section when you’re leaning back on your forearms and lifting your legs in front of you and the leg move near the end where you’re pulsing in and out. Out of all of the areas worked you’ll feel it most on your hips.

The playlist is quite fun, it includes an upbeat Avril Lavigne track and old skool Britney.

I really enjoyed this class, unfortunately due to a health condition I’m not able to regularly do as much exercise as I’d like to so when I do a longer workout I do find that I have to take some breaks (especially when I did the Transform series- that was killer!) but this was actually really easy and I didn’t have to take any breaks, it was also much easier than level 1 of Metarmorphosis.

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Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

Tracy Anderson Creating Circulation


Time: 4 minutes
Areas worked: Legs
Equipment needed: Chair

Tracy filmed these workouts for Reimagine which helps those with cancer. If you don’t have cancer these moves are still beneficial in helping with your circulation. This specific workout is designed to help prevent blood clots, but also has the bonus of toning your body. All of these moves are nice and easy with only 10 reps each. Tracy really breaks down each move and you have a chair to aid your balance. Enjoy!

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Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

Tracy Anderson LEAF 5 Moves to Boost Your Confidence

Time: 3 minutes
Areas worked: Legs and stomach
Equipment needed: None

This is such a cute little video, I really love the music! A lot of these moves you would’ve seen in streaming, although the wrapped lunge to arabesque is similar to a move Tracy had JLO doing in 2011- see the segment here. The moves vary in difficulty with the wrapped lunge to arabesque being pretty easy but the hip sit and single arm plank being more challenging, it will raise your heart rate and work your stomach. With some of these moves you’ll have to think about where you position your monitor such as the splits move where you’re facing away from the screen and the bridge and plank where you flip over. There’s a detailed breakdown of the moves and Tracy explains why each move is good for your confidence here.

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

Tracy Anderson Lost and Found Legs

Time: 1 minute
Areas worked: Legs
Equipment needed: Ankle weights

This move isn’t actually that difficult, I think the ankle weights help. I love that there’s so much movement and it’s not just focused on one area.

I've been lost I've been found I've been down I've been on the ground @betsy 💌

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Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

Tracy Anderson Move to Cure Legs

d0de5985cfea7460ef64303b5e49e421Time: 1 minute
Areas worked: Legs
Equipment needed: None

This move is a lot easier than it looks and is oddly satisfying for your back

After class I grabbed a few sweaty good deed doers and had them put on their pink #movetocure bracelets in support of the @bcrfcure 💓 Couple of things 1. You can't see @jloganhorne @stevenbeltrani or @lashonna1020 (until I attack her) 2. There is a VERY rare appearance by @runandheider in the very back. 3. I have the sweetest assistant in the world and I have to tell her it's ok to YELL at me @meg.schiavoni 💓 4. My dear friend @interior.monologue was like "You want to do this now AFTER class" the point is that I hope everyone is buying their #movetocure bracelets because I will be giving you moves all month for breast cancer awareness 🎀💓 get your bracelets now at any of my studios cause it's the most important piece of jewelry you can sport this month.

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Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout